Friday, June 01, 2007

Only One More Sleep To Go.

Climber gets the ball off the roof. Doesn't ask me.
Just shimmies up there and I would have been
none the wiser except I wandered out to bring in washing.
Kids. Hmph.

This party better be fun, that's all I can say.

Because I've been buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly this week, and this has not been helped by Cherub having a vomiting sickness on Tuesday night. To make matters worse, his vomiting went unheard by Fixit (I was out teaching) so the boys' bedroom absolutely reeked of sick when we eventually discovered it and then we had to haul the poor sleeping child out for clean-up and bed detoxing. And he thought it was morning and wanted to stay on the couch watching telly and was all confused and adorable. Then the next morning I had to take him to the doctor because he complained of a sore neck (meningitis symptom) but it was just glands. So he missed his normal day at childcare in a week when that really wasn't convenient. And he's been whinge-y and needy like your average below-par 3-year-old and it's been very hard to concentrate on getting stuff done.


I've managed to find sensible teenagers to work at the party, organised the photo display with help and possible misappropriation of her workplace's resources by the redoubtable Elda, painted MORE stars, threaded stars, organised a helium pump and balloons, bought a selection of shirts for Fixit to try because he is too fat for most of his fabulous clothes (the dress code for the party is 'fabulous') AND found out about and hired a PA. Because: the Swing Dance teachers needed a microphone and guess what you can't just plug a microphone into your stock-standard sound system so even though one of my gorgeous tap students helped out by lending me her microphone I still had to get this enormous PA system which I really hope I remember how to work. But the dudes at Mannys (hire place) were great and threw in extra leads so I can plug in my iPod to the kick-arse speakers and gave me their mobile number so I can call if I can't remember the instructions.


I am having unrestful sleep because I keep dreaming about getting everything organised. So it just better be an absolute blast, this party.

Here's the boys sitting on a the PA modelling the Tap Hats which had to be moved from the boot to make room for the speakers.

And here's the Big Red Mark that Cherub got by falling off the wall 5 minutes later, which was so helpful of him just when I'm trying to load the enormous PA into the house and put away the catering supplies which had also arrived whilst chivvying kids into swimmers for the afternoon swim lesson. And of course I was desperate for the loo, but oh no, instead I had to sit on the couch with an icepack on his head. He seems alright. No concussion that I could see.

More updates tomorrow... (unless the day goes pear-shaped.)

And I leave you with a Cherub-ism. Climber and I were riffing with rhyming phrases and I offered up "Pink Stinks". Both boys were very amused, and Cherub, desperate to join in and punching somewhat above his weight, was further inspired to add: "And poo smells."


  1. Love, love, love the tap-hat pic.

    Your party will be an absolute *hit* !

    My invite got lost... which is a relief actually .. as so did my gift ... ( ha . ha )

    Word veri: "rortt". heh

  2. good luck with the show!!!! sounds like you are one busy bee at your house. I can't believe that you were shocked that your son was on the roof - did you think you called him climber for nuttin?????? ps was me with basketball in tum aka violet tapping to rollercoaster. Happy Birthday to you....

  3. Those tap-hats look very familiar...a little like my winter school hat perhaps?

    We've just been hit by the dreaded vomiting bug too - and I also rushed The Impossible Princess to the doctor thinking her 'very, very bad' headache could be a meningitis symptom. Just a virus. Nothing like a whinge-y and needy below-par 3-year-old though is there?

    Have a fabulous party!

  4. Not long now.... deep breaths, it'll be great!

  5. I am sure it will be a blast- of the best kind of course!!

  6. Of course they are dong death defying stunts and vomiting silently. You weren't really foolish enough to think that your birthday party was about YOU, were you?

  7. doing, not dong - didn't mean to be rude on your blog - sorry

  8. Hey! 'stinky pinky' is ours - mind you, we're good sharers.
    I was a climber too when I was wee [now I'm more of a prehistoric slug, or certainly reptilian] but I broke my right arm three times and my left arm twice [ hope your insurance is up to date? - just felt I might need to give you a heads up!]

  9. Go Stomper Go!
    Just don't forget to put have a good time at my party I spent all this time organising on your to do list.

  10. And poo smells, indeed!

    I love the picture of your two boys!

    Have a fabulous show!

  11. How'd it go? I'm sure it was a blast :)

  12. I have to stop hitting publish so quickly...

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday too!

  13. Hope the birthday and the party were wonderful! I'm eagerly awaiting the update, with pics, of course. My stomach churned for you reading about the stealth vomiter. Ugh.

  14. Well the Party must have happened and I guess you are still recovering - I am sure it was fabulous and you looked gorgeous!!!
    Show some pics!!
    And of course
    love shelly


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