Monday, June 18, 2007

My weekend brought me ...

Anne with an "e"
Climber & I attended a brunch for my cousin's birthday, hosted by her sister at their amazing new share-house. It backs onto the river, has a resident sheep, beehive, chooks. Little jetty for canoeing, should you wish. Five bedrooms, a deck. I didn't think you could still get rentals like that. How's this for a backyard?

While I was there, my aunt gave me the full set of the Anne books (my birthday present). All new reading will be abandoned for the foreseeable future while I indulge in one of my favourite re-reads.

A blogmeet.

Braving the afternoon showers in Flagstaff Gardens in the CBD, nine intrepid bloggers eventually repaired to the Vic Market Food Court for shelter and coffee, but the chatting went on undaunted. I'd previously met Lazy Cow from Only Books All The Time, and have been a sometimes visitor to the blogs of Muppinstuff, Sooz and Clementine's Shoes. New to me were girlprinter, fripperee, really turning japanese and Miss Eagle, (who has also blogged about it). A great bunch of women to meet, not to mention a very sweet baby to cuddle, and a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

An elocution lesson.
Climber is my posh child. He used to say "Dah-d" and he still says "Plahnt". Cherub is my bogan. I am waging a campaign on this. He says he's toy-erd, it's moyne, woy? He asks to taste my woyne. I say it's not woyne its wahiiiiiiiii-ne. He says he loykes it. I wasn't sure the campaign was progressing until Craftymum came over for knitting and woyne last night and told me Cherub had corrected her when she said the baby was tired. She's not toy-erd, she's tahiiiiiired, he said.

A prize

Arrived in the mail this morning, a very special quilt made by the talented Tracey, who celebrated 100 blog posts with a competition. As she says, a nice splash of pink to help me fight my corner in amongst the power tools and trainsets. And she also sent me a birthday card. How noyce is that?


  1. Oh my Stomper, another kindred spirit moment. My Anne books are always on display, they along with some John Irving books are my touchstone novels, like a pair of well worn jeans they are so comfortable. I can't wait for my daughter to read them. (You have the red hair thing so you do top me as an Anneophile)

  2. I'm glad to see that it arrived so promptly! It looks right at home in your testosterone feuled house.

  3. Got to get the Anne books out for another re-read. What a great present! Have you read the Emily books? Not as good as the Anne series. Montgomery's The Blue Castle is a recent discovery. Fabulous, prepare to blubber if you haven't read it (I had to order it from Amazon).
    So good to see you again yesterday. Sneaky with the photos! I didn't even realise you'd taken them :-)
    My kids say Dunno and twenny because I do. However we balance that by all saying plahnt, brahnch, cahstle, Frahnce.

  4. lol at the elocution ;)

    I get funny looks in Vic when I say Sahndcarstle. Imagine when I arrived from Vic to NSW in Grade 4 and the kiddies carried portmanteau's to school ( or 'ports' ).

    This was the PUBLIC SYSTEM, fer chissakes !

    I wish I was posher than I am .. coz I quite like posh ... ;)

  5. That Cherub cracks me up.

    I'm so disappointed I couldn't make yesterday's meet ... (I hope you all missed me rotten).

  6. Hmmm, should we talk to her (Suse) Stomper? Or should we just pout and sulk a bit longer?

  7. Nice post.

    That's the best you are getting out of me, seeing how's you pinched me quilt.

  8. Sussanah, I enjoy JI too, especially Garp. Although haven't read them for years; they, like the Anne books, belonged to my parents.
    Tracey, your quilt would look fine ANYWHERE, I do believe.
    Lazy, I have read and loved the Emily series and The Blue Castle. I think the latter is in my top twenny fave books ever. I say we give Suse a hard time, for sure.
    H&B I'm from north of the Murray too, but I never had a port. But I do find the Victorian way of saying cassel very peculiar.
    Oh hello there Piker I mean Suse.
    Caramaena, it was fun, thankyou.

    And Aunty.

    I won your quilt.

    I'm just saying.

  9. Lovely to meet you yesterday! Wish T'd gotten to talk to you about the dancing scene, that sounds interesting, but I missed that one.

    What a backyard! And Anne of Green Gables, I loved the Anne books, especially the later ones in the series.

  10. Oh, the Anne books, I don't think my boys will be interested in inheriting my full set -- plus anything else Montgomery wrote. As for posh I've always said "raaahhhther" as opposed to rather (short, nasal a sound) and I get the funniest looks from mid-western Ohioans. Glad Cherub's lessons are sinking in!

  11. I live 4.5 hours away from Prince Edward Island (Anne-town) and would love to see any or all of you, should you happen to be by this way...

    Love the elocution lessons! Cass had a babysitter from Newfoundland/Holland and he STILL says dough-guh for the pooch...

  12. That first shot looks like Warrandyte.

    Or somewhere mighty close by.

    I was very sorry to miss the blog meet.q

  13. Lovely quilt.

    The blogger meet 'n greet sounds like fun. Blogger envy over here...

  14. Like Janet, I love the Anne books (I have red hair) and especially the later ones in the series. The time at university seemed so grown up - full of fun pals and dashing beaux. And "Rilla of Ingleside" is such a poignant tale of WWI.

  15. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I love the Anne books.

  16. Me too I luv the Anne books too. I used to do moi hair up in a puffy bun at school. I always felt ripped orff fa havin brown oiyes, not mysterious green/grey. I sooo wanted to be Anne. I reckin Stomper delivers in the oiye an' 'air department.(%@#). Where's that Cherub when I need 'im?

  17. I've always been a green gables gal myself. Better than waaahne...which is common in my neck of the woods. Competely jealous of the backyard and the meetup sounds lovely.

  18. What a great newsy post! Maybe I should read the Anne books along with you and I'm definitely seeking out this Blue Castle book now!

    Glad you gals had a good meetup - despite the weather. It's forecast to blow like a gale here tomorrow morning (the word cyclonic has been used!)

    I think everyone wanted to win Tracey's quilt - but its good to see it went to you - seeing it was your very special birthday :-)

    And I frequently type noice instead of nice - a slip of the fingers? Maybe not!

  19. Oh enjoy the Anne books!! I should re-read them too at some stage.

    Love how you write all the pronunciations - you boys are so funny!

  20. Why are there so many Australian bloggers? You always seem to be the ones meeting up. Not fair.

    Great post!

  21. You had a fun weekend!

    That photo of the backyard looks positively French Impressionist!

  22. Enjoy the Anne books. I have a long standing promise to keep to Liz---to wit----that I will read Anne of Green Bagels[her father's twist on it]one of these days. must have been fun meeting up with fellow bloggers....


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