Monday, June 25, 2007

More Elocution Lessons

Fixit has joined my anti-bogan campaign. But oh man, he's given himself a tough assignment - he's correcting the mechanics at his work. Thankfully, Fixit is bigger, older and grumpier than his colleagues, otherwise he could well have ended up with his head flushed down the toilet.

The good news is that his co-worker Gordo now knows that "there's no R in off." Way to go, Fixit.

Apart from troying to eradicate bogan pronunciations from our general vicinity (and here I must add that although the Cherub took it upon himself to play Professor 'Enry 'Iggins to Craftymum, she actually speaks very nah-iiiicely indeed), we have also been busy this weekend with :

Pyjama Day at Climber's School

Playcentre fun at Next-door-girl's 4th birthday party,
and attending a Harry Potter themed birthday party. There were 25 little boys running around in Harry Potter costumes having a blast; playing wizard games like Quidditch World Cup Flying Relay Race, the Philosopher's Stone Treasure Hunt and Pin the Tail on the Dragon, before settling down to a Hogwarts Feast capped off by a Wizard's Castle cake! There was even a family friend being the Wizard Organiser, his monicker for the day was Professor Lobotomy Flicksnot. Fantastic fun.

Climber coming in to land.


Finally, thankyou for the excellent comments re my tap student. It was incredibly helpful to have all that feedback and I feel much calmer. I have printed out CPR instructions to have by me! At this stage I am persevering with her, mostly because she is open about it, she is still seeing her doctor and because tap keeps her happy. Which is a good thing.


  1. I am with you in your anti bogan campaign. It is my life mission to remove the word "youse" from the Australian vernacular.
    Not an easy task, I know, but I am doing my bit little by little.

  2. Oh the day youse is a spent force cant come quick enough!!
    It can be an uphill struggle sometimes.
    Keep the TV turned off- all those sporting bogans they interview!

  3. Oi wool not rest until all bogans stop saying "GAWN". I hate it.

  4. Sorry, but I am with Gordo.

    Where would I be if I couldn't tell everyone I encounter to "BUGGA ROFF!"

    Or "GET LORST!"


    Or my personal favourite "YERALL NUFFINK BUT A PACKA MORONS!"

    And that's just my family!...

  5. Kirsty, I can still hear Kiwi even when you try to type Aussie!

    I think we could band together to stop the word youse and 'like'
    eg: Youse could all like stop like saying youse and like no one would like say it anymore.

    It causes me physical pain to hear talk like this, I feel myself flinch.

  6. Better 'n electrocution lessons.

    Perhaps a little leccy shock might make a compelling argument though.

    i'm just sayin'

  7. This elocution bidness is all verrrrry faaaahhhhscinating.

  8. I remember being sent to elocution lessons after school to a nun with a long face that looked like the bark of a tree. My mother must have been afraid I'd pick up a Limerick accent which is flat and nasty, and would make all your bogan babblings sound very posh!

  9. 1- As a clueless Yank -- and we have our own varied tapestry of multitude of elocutory sins for which to atone -- I find this wildly fascinating.

    2- The Harry Potter party looked brilliant. When NOS decided to have one of those a couple of years back, it took me FOREVER to find the right fonts for a properly Hogwarty invitation AND THEN I had to find out a way to make a fake wax seal that would look real.

    To say nothing of the proper goody bags.

    Oy, was that a headache -- but it came out great.


  10. LOL Professor Lobotomy Flicksnot! Love it :)


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