Monday, June 11, 2007

This is a story about power tools.

Like dropsaws.

And drills.

It is also a tale of measuring, hammering, screwing, thinking, painting, sanding, painting again, and sweating.

This is the story of Mister Fixit.

(And helpers.)

(And his other helper.)

(And some more 'helpers'.)

No. It's not an indoor play-gym. Although you could be forgiven for thinking that.

It's the New Bunk Bed.

Made from scratch by Mr Fixit, with advice and plans from my cousin Daniel, who knows what he's doing.

I love a man who is good with his hands.


  1. Wow - I'm impressed. I married a man who can't change a light bulb... so a man who can build a bunk bed blows me away!

  2. It can be hard to get things done with all those little 'helper's. Very impressive that he succeeded so beautifully.

  3. wow is right - Fixit you've done a great job! And it must have been handy to have so many helpers ;)

  4. And what a lovely big boy bed it is. I've plans to keep my almost 3 y.o. in the crib until he's 18, but he's ready to sleep in the bunk beds with his big brother. He's ready... am I? Hope Cherub and Climber both enjoy the new gym, I mean bed.

  5. Very very good Fixit. Give him lots of praise. Men like praise.

    My baby (well, he's 22) is actually still in the bottom half of the bunk beds that his big sisters used to occupy, though it's dismantled, and it's a full sized bed so doesn't actually look bunklike. Perhaps it's time we got him a new mattress, though....

    The top half is stowed away; I think I'm keeping it so that one day, when I'm at last a granny, I can have the grandchildren to stay.

  6. Well done, Fixit! We are all enormously impressed :D As my (handy) husband says,"If she can't say you're handsome, at least she can say you're handy." You guys are both.

  7. Climber looks very smug way up in the air! I hope that they slept well last night.

  8. Wow!! Mr Fixit is seriously Gorgeous! And he MAKES things.. you must think you have died & gone to heaven!

    The boys look so happy with their new beds!

  9. Oh I'm sooooo impressed. The Poolboy and I have enough trouble just trying to put together things from Ikea. Can't imagine tackling something FROM SCRATCH.

  10. OMG! I come from a long line of totally useless white collar workers. I watch this kind of thing with wonder and awe.
    It's the stuff of myths and legends for me, people who make stuff with wood and screwing things, and hammers WOW!

  11. yayayyyy what a man - I want to put the girls in bunks eventually - enjoy the night time thuds and giggles!

  12. Me too, baby.

    I can't tell you how much.

  13. So great! My dad made bunk beds for me and my sister too... they were dismantle-able (I don't think that's a word) and we took them camping with us every year. Until we were old enough to have our own pup tent by ourselves. Hey, what was this about again?

  14. I can do that! Not with power tools and lumber, but with a telephone and a credit card.


  15. Just came back for another look at the Climber.

    2 thoughts:

    Doesn't he look like his Dad.


    Born to do Circus.

  16. What Meggie said, and COMPLETELY IMPRESSED that Fixit not only started the project, but finished it too...

  17. WOW !

    The only furniture we 'build' around here comes with allen keys

    ( We 'built' a bookcase yesterday ;)

    I'm more impressed everything fits together, is square, and solid.
    My dad made a kitchen dresser for my mum that was very clunky, and half-a-wardrobe that was never completed because he cracked the sh!ts with it ;)

    Go Fixit !

    ( P.S. - are you going to let him read all these comments that mention he's a looker ? You might have to deflate him with a pin ;)

  18. Hmm I have a few outstanding jobs over here to! Great team work guys.

  19. Oh - the Cherub in a big boy's bed, that's for sure! I am entering the toilet training thing with the Darling but can't remember a thing about it from last time - which will probably see the whole thing run smoothly (maybe wishful thinking there!) Then we'll tackle the big bed. We can nearly remove the pod from the car!

    You and me Stomper, we'll miss all this "baby" stuff when its well and truly gone. Really! I think ;-)

  20. No way!! How fantastic is that bed?

    I'll have two, thanks.

  21. You have a husband? Who built a bed? A BUNK bed? From scratch.

    I didn't know they existed anymore.


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