Friday, June 15, 2007

The Cherub Can Wink

Remember Angelina? The romance continues. Climber's teacher has mentioned it a couple of times, and frankly, he sounds impressed. According to him, this is not a one-way street, this relationship. Even though she is the one with Angelina loves Climber loves Angelina written on the front of her Reading Book. (I saw it myself.) According to the teacher, it is a special relationship and Climber is a willing participant.

Today in the car Climber told me that Angelina doesn't know the F-word. When Gabriel told her to guess, she offered up "few-king". (Which, by the way, quite impressed the Climber. He says he plans to use it as an F-word substitute in polite company. Because you wouldn't double-take, would you, if you heard a 6-year-old saying that?)

She did, however, manage a better stab at it. In fact he told me she correctly came up with short version of the F-word. Which as we all know is just F-U-K. The real F-word is, of course, F-U-K-E-N.

I mean, fancy not knowing that!


  1. And THAT is the true purpose of school! How else would swearing be shared?

  2. rofl. I guess I'll learn this soon - Chickie starts school next month. Mind you everything 'naughty' is the f-word to him (shut up, bloody, etc) and we get told off accordingly.

    I'm loving your labels btw :)

  3. Oh a winking Cherub, how sweet. As for the swearing lessons, better they should get them at school than at mommy's knee (cough, cough).

  4. Yep, I'm with Tracey; school is where I learned the f-word. In fact, I'm pretty sure that in the U.S. there's federal funding just for that purpose.

  5. Hee! My girl child thinks the F-word is F-A-R-T. I kid you not.

  6. It sounded like you took all this discussion very well, very calmly. My mum heard me use the f-word for the first time and told me that it was one of the worst words in the world (or something like that) at which time I never forgot it and used it proficiently thereafter ;-)

  7. Cute wink! Funny car conversation!

    I've done the one word meme.

  8. O this is a gem!
    And doesnt he look gorgeous winking.

  9. Good lord, doesn't he have your face?!!

    I told my mother that word after reading graffiti on a canal wall. She was apopletic. Made for a good laugh!

    What a lovely little romance.

  10. Hi there,
    love your blog. Have just started mine and would love to add you to my faves if thats ok?

  11. Oh the joy of the "F" word, something so clever and special that silly parents couldn't possibly understand. No wonder the climber is doing well with the ladies with that wink.

  12. oooh silly me I got the climber and the cherub mixed up and as soon as I posted I realised.
    What a few-king, fuken idiot I am.

  13. I thought it was the P word we were all avoiding, such as PHUQUE.

  14. Sadly, I think my boys will learn the F-word from me in those unguarded moments.


    Ahh, but young love -- so sweet.


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