Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are the holidays nearly over?

So much happening these holidays, so much I could blog about. But I'm exhausted. All I can manage are dot points. If I'm not too busy getting ready for the party this weekend, I may elaborate. In the meantime ...
  • My oven is fixed. We had a really nice electrician.
  • We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine Live On Stage yesterday, and I've decided I'm not an arena spectacular type of person.
  • The person responsible for the script of that show was punching above their weight.
  • The four of us went to the Royal Melbourne Show today and I had a juggling lesson and the instructor stole my watch (he slipped it back to Fixit without me suspecting a thing).
  • We've reached saturation point with all things train. (that'll only last a week, though)
  • Climber was so tired he emigrated briefly to the Land of Can't-Cope. He's back now, poor little sausage.
  • Cherub does not like the Dodgem Cars.
  • It's really hard to drive a Dodgem Car and comfort a crying child at the same time.


  1. I'm the last person who would direct someone to get on with the housework... people in glass houses and so on.

    Saturday we had a very elaborate train track (with overpasses and tunnels, curves and switchbacks) running the entire length of the hallway... or we did... until I crashed a foot against and overpass and tore the whole thing apart. I was castigated for many, many minutes. And guess who had to do clean-up?

  2. New Diva on the BlogFri Sep 28, 12:51:00 am GMT+10

    Glad the oven is fixed. Can totally relate to the trying to comfort child having meltdown while trying to do something else complicated at the same time. The joys of motherhood.;)

  3. You are a brave, brave woman to go to the Land of Thomas.

    Your boys are growing up so beautiful!

  4. Can I just say the thought of a thousand screaming children watching the Thomas the Tank show is one of my ideas of hell. You are a saint to take the boys!
    Hope all goes well for the birthday extravaganza. Make sure you relax afterwards (and if you're not up for next week I totally understand).

  5. Sounds like lots and lots of exhausting fun.

  6. I went to the wiggles spectacular. Once. It completely turned me off them. I'll stop writing now, before I completely hijack this thread with earnest, overly-analytical comment about why the World is Doomed.

  7. Our holidays start next week! I am exhausted thinking about them....well not really. Because when my kids start their traditional whine before I want to take them out. Like our trip to the Cotter - you can guarantee i will be agreeing that we stay home too!!

  8. Arena spectaculars give me migraines.

    Stuff the housework.

    Life is short.

  9. Hey, bugger the housework! Look at something green.
    Or cuddle you kids!

  10. Thank god that oven has been fixed - it has kind of been at the back of my mind all week - like a little irritant !

    A pox on housework.

    Our holidays start today ... thank goodness

  11. After three boys, I am SO OVER THOMAS.

  12. Yay to the oven being fixed. I was ready to stomp down to Melbourne myself to grr at your landlord!

    Our holidays started today and I am still in early holiday euphoria. I just hate getting up and making school lunches. So glad the kids are past the Thomas/Wiggle/HI5/HooleyDooley phase 'though!

  13. I'm with Shula enjoy your family and the party and bugger the housework!

  14. So glad your oven is fixed ... Aunty is threatening to launch an attack on your status of Domestic Goddess ...

    Just as well you are a Multi-Tasking Goddess as well .... comforting children, juggling, braving the Thomas crowds ...

    Think I'll go have a little lie down now ....

  15. Loved your oven story (and am glad it is fixed). I can relate with the tight-ass landlords - bane of my rental existence, too.

    Well done also, on surviving a trillion kids and Thomas.


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