Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Henna Song

My preferred method of keeping the kids quiet in the car is listening to the i-a-pod. I can't say it the real way anymore, Cherub says eye-apod and now so do I. That talk is so catching. The kids love the music. Cherub is forever calling from the back of the car Can you put that song louder please?

Anyway. You know that song Iko Iko? (Here's one of the versions I like, best use of bike shorts in an 80s video I must say.)

Well, we love that song, but this morning we heard the Doctor John version, which is not the usual one for us. (We're favouring the Dixie Cups.) And it took a while for this to sink in, that this was the same song done a different way. Climber cottoned on first. We had quite a chat about it. Then a minute or so later when I thought we'd finished with the subject, the Cherub piped up: Mummy you got 2 hennas, do you.


I'm a bit slow sometimes. Climber worked it out for me.

Talking 'bout Hey Now (hey now) Hey Now (hey now)
Iko Iko ah nay ... etc

Anyway. I thought I would issue a challenge. Because recently I had to decipher a very difficult song request, courtesy of the Climber. I cracked it after a day (obviously I wasn't thinking about it the whole time) but I had an advantage because I know the songlist on the i-a-pod.

So here it is, as he told it to me:

BOMPY ... alla
BOMPY ... alla
... the radio
... the stereo

Have a go. Once you get the Henna Song out of your head, obviously


  1. Beautiful flowers.

    As for the song, I have no idea.

  2. Absolutely no idea...but then again, I never have any idea of the correct lyrics for songs either...and embarrass my eldest daughter by just making them up as I go along.

  3. Ditto to Fairlie. Except for the embarrass her eldest daughter part.

    I can't even remember the words to the goodbye song at kindergym.

  4. No idea! I like it that way though.

    I have recently been singing a silverchair song "playing twister in the bath...". My daughter printed out the actual lyrics because I was pissing her off. It is "You're a tombstone in the mud". What the hell does that mean? I like the twister version better.

    It's not the Eskimo Joe stereo song is it?

  5. I have no clue, but check this site out - there are some really good ones!

    When Clancy was four he heard that Dennis Leary song "I'm an Asshole" on JJJ. I was worried about him singing it until I heard him sing "Abba dassooooo!!"

  6. It's funny how interested in music some kids are. Chickie has to know the name of every song, who sings it and who wrote it!

    I will admit to just making stuff up...

    As for the song - no idea really. For some reason though, I'm thinking pump it by the black eyed peas (the bompy... alla bit)

  7. LOL Not a clue. I was at the park once and this little boy is singing "hey now you're an allstar get your game boy" His mom was totally confused until I asked her how many times they had watched Shreck lately. LOL Yep - All Star! Hey now get your game on

  8. Definitely "Pump It" (louder!) Pump it... louder! Turn up the radio, blast the stereo, riiiight...

    Hey, at least he will learn to spell F-R-E-S-H... we fresh! :D

  9. "Pump it" by the black eyed peas is my guess....that one is popular with the under 3's around my place!

  10. Never mind the song---I lovelovelove your flowers!
    Try Mal-akky, with emphasis on the first syllable....

  11. Beeyootiful flowers! We used to love singing the Iko song when we were teenagers.... turn it up and blast it loud! I think it is Pump It too. Might help that I heard that in the car this morning

  12. My ipod is my most used electronic devise. I use it EVERY day. I have a super long commute and would be lost without it.

  13. New Diva on the BlogThu Sep 20, 05:34:00 am GMT+10

    Stumped on your song.

    Here is one for you to try, but it came from one of my friends in high school, not one of my kids. Yes, it is old school:

    Oh I swear it's in my my cereal

  14. No idea, but I did enjoy the clip, & the energy.
    And your flowers are lovely

  15. Bloody iko song!! Now I can't get it out of my head to think of anything else, let along a radio and stereo song!!

    Those flowers are beautiful. Spring is springing!

  16. Yeah, ditto what My Float said. I will carry this song with me all day now. Even reading about Pump It hasn't removed the IKO.

    Those flowers are just LOVERLEEE!

  17. New Diva on the blog: is it We are Spirits in the Material? (The Police)

    I've made that work in my head so I can't think of anything else now...

  18. Meanwhile, ovah this side o' town, we are constatntly being told "no singing, Mummy !" and "music too loud, Hurts. Ears"

    I've got him enrolled in a kinder programme 1 day a week next year. The only day we could get was .. music day ... with Hey-di-ho.

    He *hates* Hey-di-ho. They came to Playgroup once and we had to leave.

    Oh well, he'll get used to it ..

  19. I have no idea so i am going to say Pump It because I am a dirty cheat.

    The photos are beautiful.

  20. Can't get the darn Iko song out of my head now! I haven't heard that in sooooo long!

  21. Good one. I'll have to mark that for later when they come home from school.

  22. New Diva on the BlogFri Sep 21, 04:01:00 am GMT+10

    Yes my husband really did say that!

    Also, you are correct on "We are Spirits in the Material World." Maybe you should consider a career in botched lyric translation. It seems to be your calling!;)

  23. As I'm completely lyric deaf I have no idea what the song was, and I don't know what the Iko one is either.

  24. I hope that today is the day when you reveal the true identity of the unknown song. I have been very patient and I don't like secrets!


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