Thursday, September 06, 2007

Climber's guests.

Angelina came for a play at our place yesterday. You should have seen the look on the face of their teacher, K, when I picked both of them up. It started with really? moved quickly to are you sure you should be doing this? before settling on amused resignation. Have I mentioned that K had to move Climber to a different table in class because Angelina and he were getting too distracted when they sat near each other?

The playdate has actually been on the agenda for a good few weeks but I was a bit slack in ringing her folks to arrange it, to the point where I was avoiding Angelina in the schoolyard because she was on to me e-v-e-r-y day: Have you rung my mum yet? Eventually I hurriedly phoned her mother 5 minutes before the school bell rang on Monday; she was mortified about the possibility that her daughter had been hounding me. Well look, Angelina was very keen to set this playdate up but she has always been perfectly charming about it, and I like a kid who can look you in the eye and ask directly for what they want. In fact, I prefer that to kids who want me to do all the work for them.

Within 10 minutes of arriving....

... both Angelina and the Climber were up on the roof. It took a while for me to work out that the noises I could hear outside were something that required a degree of parental investigation. My distracted brain finally registered that the heavy stomping noise atop the metal verandah was probably not made by birds.

Cherub has fallen under Angelina's spell too and was thoroughly excited to have her over. In fact when the 3 of us walked into Cherub's creche to pick him up, it was Angelina who got the overjoyed cuddle and not me. The three of them had a lovely play and repeat visits have already been requested.

I wish all of Climber's visitors were so charming.


  1. That

    is an ominous last photo, Stomper.

    Did Angelina bring her friends?

  2. That is soooo cute! I hope it lasts.

  3. Our infestation pre-dates Angelina's visit. I have no idea who to blame for it. I'm hoping Angelina didn't leave with some of Climber's friends actually.

  4. It's not me I promise. I've checked and re-checked, I'm too afraid to say too much lest I jinx our good fortune, but so far so good.

    It defies reason, have you seen the way they pile up on the tramp?

    I recognise your deterrent spray, I have been using it.

  5. Oh flippin heck - just what you don't need. Will had (has) such thick hair that the couple of times he has been infested it was an unbelievable effort to get rid of them. My only preventative these days is to very rarely wash the kids hair (rinse but not shampoo) - the play date sounds a fantastic success..

  6. My hot lice tip is to blow dry your hair until your head is toasty- every day for two weeks. The little suckers hate it!

    I am watching a very sweet gilr/boy friendship in my class. It is so nice to see them get along and be caring to each other. I only see friendships like this every four or five years.

  7. I'm glad climber and angelina had fun - even if it was up on the roof!

    I'm dreading that last photo, since I know it will probably happen sometime here. We've been lucky so far but I'm sure that luck can't hold out forever.

  8. You'll have to let me know which of those bottles works best, just for future reference. I dread that sort of visitor.
    So glad the playdate went well. It sort of demystifies the attraction a bit doesn't it? My daughter had a massive crush on a boy at 4yo kinder (I'm talking full-on tears, jealousy, it was so shocking to us all!) Once we had the boy over, and had a visit to his place, things settled down. Thank goodness, otherwise they would have been married at 16!!

  9. That is just sooooo cute!

    And lice? Buy a Robicomb. Took me years to do it (because they co$t) but they are FANTASTIC. Too many lice are immune to all the poisons these days. You can spray, shampoo and lotion all you like and the little buggers just shake it off. Electrocute them and they are DEAD.

  10. Ick!

    I hope the wee ferlie beasties bugger off eftsoons or right speedily, whichever comes first.


  11. Your label for this reminded me of when our oldest son had a lovely girlfriend called Amanda. Whenever she called he got endless teasing---"There's a man to hug and kiss on the phone for you.....giggle, giggle." Some obscure reference to a Simpsons episode---Duh! Angelina looks like a charmer. Understandable how Climber fell under her spell, and she under his!

  12. Lovely story about the playdate! And so nice that Cherub likes her too.
    SG has had some of those 'visitors'. He now has very short hair. He snuggled up to me yesterday, then pulled away, & said "I dont want you to get lice Nana!"

  13. I can't agree more with the statement, "I like a kid who can look you in the eye and ask directly for what they want." It's a great quality in a child.

    Lice have to be one of the most useless creature ever to evolve from the mudhole...seriously, what *is* their purpose in life??

    Tracey is onto something with the hair dryer though, apparently they don't like heat at all and let go of the hair when heated? The K-Yr3 section of WA's "inventor of the year" competition last year was won by a little girl who invented a 'lice cooker' - a shower-cap type of gadget that heats up.

  14. lmao that LAST photo is priceless. My daughter has been vistited by the "hair faeries" a few times. NOT FUN.

  15. Eww - so many products, i'm thinking shite results from most. Robicomb sounds interezxting - must google.

    MC's hair gets washed ( under duress ) probably once a MONTH, and he's still got residue cradlecap, so nits will be hilarious for us, i'm sure...

    Very cute about the girl-date ;)


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