Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Blahs.

I have to say that this week I'm feeling a bit ... blah. It's not because there is anything wrong in my life. More that I'm worrying about and feeling for some people who I love, who are going through a hard time. My mum is watching her best friend, a wonderful, vibrant, caring, woman, die from a brain tumour. Another good friend is losing her mum to liver cancer. And my sister is going through crap, really bad crap, and any solutions involve pretty major upheavals.


In these situations - where there's not a lot you can do - really you just have to pack up the troubles in the old kitbag and try to look on the bright side etc. In the spirit of this, I remembered that some fellow bloggers recently bestowed awards on my blog.

This award came to me via the exotic and funny Alby Mangroves from Life in General, along with some very complimentary words about my blog which were said at a time when I really appreciated hearing such stuff. As for passing it on, I think I'd like to hand this one to Firstperson, Thirdcat. I do love the way she can do a one or two sentence blog, and still convey so much.

The very funny and wise Tanya the Art Butcher also said nice things when she gave me this just plain fun to read award. I hereby pass this on to Jodie the Crafting Selvedge Queen at Ric-Rac because she is hilarious, especially when she explains how the rest of us needn't even try to be the world's most embarrassing mother because she's got it all sewn up.

Thankyou Tanya and Alby. You made me feel better.


  1. You are well-deserving of both awards! I think your blogs are some of the most well-crafted around.

    I can sympathize with your blah. It's hard to not have any control, especially over things happening to those you love most.

  2. I'm sorry about the blahs. It's darned hard to shove the blasted things in a kitbag when there are tangible, serious reasons for them.

    Wishing you and yours the best -

  3. I think there's an epidemic of the blahs going around at the moment. I know several people with them.

    But, as you say, what's there to do but pack up the troubles, look on the bright side, make lemonade...and any other cliches that may apply?

    Ric-rac is hilarious, and off to check out Firstperson,Thirdcat as I don't think I've been there before!

  4. You're such a shining star, putting on all this brightness in the face of anguish. You're an inspiration!

    I hope things go well for you and yours.

  5. Breakfast anytime.

    As long as it's a Mon, Wed, or Fri.

  6. You DO deserve these awards - I always love visiting here. And your choices for handing them on are great too.

  7. Oh - and I am sorry about the blahs - you have some serious reasons to be feeling them...

  8. Congratulations on your rewards but I'm hoping you do continue to feel better and that your loved ones will see some really bright days soon. I'm sorry.

  9. Sorry for your blahs. I've had quite a few myself recently. These things seem to come in spates, and you are experiencing quite a batch right now!

    Take care of yourself. I hope all that you are worrying about find a clear path ahead of them.

  10. Poor you, Stomper. Sometimes these things all seem to happen at once, don't they?
    Revel in your awards, they are well deserved.

  11. Congratulations on your award! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll pop along and take a peek.

    As for the 'blahs' thank you for the reminder that we have no such troubles.
    Best wishes

  12. Congratulations Stomper, you absolutely deserve thos awards!

  13. Love those blogs. Much.

    That sounds like a fair bit of shit going down over your way. I'm sending positive vibes out, and hoping they attach themselves to the correct people, and not just some random bastard standing nearby.


  14. I've got the blahs too, and I haven't even had the energy to check blogs recently, let alone update mine. Sorry about that! I hope things were better today :)

  15. How rude of me!

    I saw this back when you did it, and I was so wrapped/rapt (I've never known which is the proper one), and it made me feel so lovely.

    But for some reason it hasn't come through on my incoming links - and I was kind of thinking that would be me memory-trigger for emailing you and for passing it on. Brain's a touch mushy at the moment.


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