Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They had it coming.

I suppose every family has a couple of things to which they expose their impressionable offspring at a less than appropriate age. Currently, my children are:
  • walking around saying how YOU doin'? a'la Joey Tribiani from Friends
  • watching the Cell Block Tango from the Chicago dvd over and over and over again. All those scantily clad hot jailbirds singing about murder. My small sons can't get enough. Mummy can we watch that one where the girls in jail killed those men? Next they'll be trying out the dance moves.
Has your family got some?

Meantime I am living on the edge, without virus protection!! Whilst the good folk at AVG try and work out why their software sucks on my computer. And I tried posting another thumb-typing blog via the mobile phone but it's disappeared, probably went to Mars by mistake. I hope it comes back soon but I can't be arsed typing it again, let alone thumb-typing it.


  1. They snigger over the Simpsons.

    Snigger I tell ya.

    I have kind of banned it for a couple of years but if they ever catch a snippet they are transfixed.

    And snigger.

  2. Pop! Six! Squish! Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!

    Come on, they must have some funny interpretations of this... or did you tell them the correct words?! Spoilsport :)

  3. oh Dear how about the whole of youtube....towhit my son just showed me the best way to do his hair for school - using the vacuum cleaner. I kid you not!

  4. I gave up trying to censor stuff when they started discovering cooler stuff than I ever found. Don't even get me started on Something Awful dot com...

  5. Yes we have a few, well a lot really now I come to think of it.

    Fingers crossed for the techy.

  6. J.T. has picked up the term "hot girls". "Wow, that's a hot girl."

    The weird thing is that neither of us know where he got it from.... at least Rob isn't admitting anything, yet.

    Mary, I love the word snigger. Right up there with pixel nanny. And conundrum.

  7. My otherwise delightful brother in law taught my younger daughter Guns & Roses 'Paradise City' when she was two (to be fair he only sang it to her once but she has that kind of song memory). She greeted her new nursery teacher with a full rendition of the chorus ... I dread to think what she thought of me!

  8. LOL!

    Mine has been drawn to the trashiest imaginable skin magazines ever since he was able to toddle. Usually these are kept up high in stores, so that people like him can't reach them. However, there's always some nitwit who reads them and tosses them on a lower pile, and my son knows to check.

    Last week he had a tantrum in the grocery store because I wouldn't let him fondle a magazine with a woman in a bikini on the cover. "Wanna look at naked people!!!" he howled as I took it away from him. Cringe.

  9. Song lyrics. Eminem lyrics sung by a three year old does not sound good - one can only hope they get them wrong. And I had to talk the ten year old and her friend out of doing Candy Man(Aguilera not Willy Wonka) for the school lipsynching contest.

  10. Sympathies on your computer problems. Hope they get sorted out soon.....

  11. At least they're not quoting Tarantino movies.

    Mym's grade 3 teacher just loved that.

  12. Hope you dont get any viruses! Can you not just turn on the free version again, & ask for a refund!

  13. We endlessly quote Simpsons, Monty Python, Black Adder (but I've got a thingy shaped like a turnip, my lord)and we sing songs of revolution loudly.


    but my kids are delightful. I'm pretty sure they are...

  14. Oh jeepers where do I start. My son already knows how to play every video game on the market because he watches them on youtube. And god knows what else.

    Is it okay that my daughter is a petrolhead? I mean, is that safe for her? She is addicted to Top Gear and can distinguish an Aston Martin Vanquish 100m further forward in traffic while sitting in the back seat of the Volvo.

    The worst 'though is that they listen to the 'nasal delivery' ads on the radio. What do you think they say about those in the school yard?

  15. I don't know what my 4 year old has been watching when I am glued to blogs, but he informed me the other night whilst watching Gladiators that Destiny has "a good rack."
    As indeed she does.

  16. By the way - there's an award for you over on my blog. That is, unless you don't want it, in which case you should feel free to ignore it.

  17. Let's see - mine have been exposed to computer and video games with violence from young ages, despite my protestations. Now, as teens, they are YouTube and Stumble fanatics.

  18. I think being around hubby and I could be classed as "inappropriate" - just the language factor!

    Mind you I am yet to hear them utter any of "our words" - it seems to have had the right effect.

  19. Like BMM, MC does the "ha ha!" voice of that mean kid on the SimSims.

    We're also currently obsessed with death. He thinks blood is 'sauce', and then you get over it and live again. Yes, no stakes or garlic over our way, please.

    I have plenty of non-proud parental moments .. where d'ya want me to start ?


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