Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not that we're competitive

The crèche my children attended holds a Trivia Night as its annual fundraiser, and my table has always performed pretty well. Well, I say my table because I seemed to be the public face of it, but in fact our success was largely due to the talents of Astrid, the queen of pop culture. We either won, or got edged out to second place by a miserly point. Up until last year that is, when we were crushed to find we'd only come third. To add insult to injury, the people who came second were overheard gloating that it didn't matter that they hadn't won as long as they'd beat Caroline's table. Hmph.

We absolutely couldn't let that lowly third place be our last recorded effort, so despite being ex-creche parents we decided to have another crack at the title. Sadly this year I could only rustle up half a table, with my trivia stalwart buddies Astrid, Nell, Elda and Lucy. But as luck would have it we'd been put with another half-table who had some complementary trivial knowledge to ours. In that they knew serious stuff like the Minister for Water. But once more, the magnificent Astrid steered us home to a stunning victory, shouldering most of the responsibility for our impressive score of 49 out of 50, while the rest of us helped where we could. I know you want to know what we got wrong, everyone else asked, so I'll tell you: it was the speed limit within the Nutbush City Limits. We said there wasn't one.

Anyway, a good night was had by all, the crèche looks set to have raised a record-breaking amount and our reputations were restored. Here we are, the inaugural happy winners of the Carmel Cup.

Hangovers don't hurt as much when you get them on the winning table.


  1. NEXT time you only get half a table and need bums on seats, call me. Serious. Not only do I love it, but i'm not competitive either.


    Oh hell, i'm there to win & gloat.
    So it looks like i'd fit right in on YOUR table :p

  2. Oh, this made me chuckle. You see I would have liked to join you too but I have to ban myself from such things as my "competitive streak" becomes as wide as a highway! I stop drinking, I stop having fun, because I've got to win, win, win. You get the picture? ;-)

  3. twenty five on the speed limit... I only know useless crap.

  4. Now, see, if I'd been with you you'd have had a perfect score.

    I used to work with an Ikette.

  5. It probably would have been the only question I could have answered, though. I'm just terrible at triv.

  6. Penny Wong.

    And I can do the names of the three wise men too.

    (That's about the extent of it though ...)

  7. We should have a bloggers table.

  8. I'll be calling you all for our childcare triv night then. Now that you've proven your worth in writing.

  9. I'm not competetive at trivia either. Or scrabble.

    It REALLY stung bad when my trivia team lost. To a passing group of bikies, no less.

  10. Oh, I'm with H&B. Next time you have half a table...I'll be there! Trivia is my speciality. Why waste space in your brain for important stuff when you can use it to store what the Queen Mother's favourite brand of toiletries was? (Yardley, by the way...and that was a question I got right when I went on Jeopardy!)

  11. Fairlie - on Jeopardy?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to a Trivia Night on Saturday night.

    I suspect I might end up with a hangover too.

  12. 25 was the speed limit
    motor cycles not allowed in it!
    (bet you could have done the dance though)

    I LOVE a trivia night. It validates all that storage of useless shit that I seem to manage.


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