Wednesday, July 09, 2008

School Holiday Update

Climber did NOT enjoy the 2-day soccer clinic.

(Came home near tears both days. I suspect the coach, whilst very sweet and no doubt skilful with a soccer ball, was lacking in the crowd control department)

Both boys DID enjoy the one hour Gymnastics Skill workshop at the local Neighbourhood House.

(Cherub gave every indication beforehand that he would prefer to sit on the sidelines with me and some toys - technically he's not quite old enough to join in - but when he saw the group was small and the other kids were a non-threatening size - Climber was far and away the biggest kid there - he agreed to give it a shot and ended up smiling through the whole thing.

We ALL enjoyed getting our haircut this afternoon.

(I snuck in a fringe trim for myself after the boys' appointment. It was dangling in my eyes in a truly annoying and most unbecoming way)


  1. I hope things are improving with Mr Fixit.

    Nothing like a sneaky fringe cut.

    Will was like that after a similarly run tennis camp. He still can't play tennis.

  2. What is it about getting your hair cut that is so refreshing?

    My J.T. is all about order. He would not have done well with poor crowd control.

  3. I gave up on school holiday programmes about 2 years ago after Conor cried and had to be peeled off me at every one we tried.
    I'm sure he'd be better now, but I can't be bothered testing the waters.
    Your boys look very cute as always.

  4. Wow, you certainly are bringing fun into the holidays!
    And your fringe becomes you now. Although I don't know how you have the time to maintain a fringe ... I remember my fringed past and I always seemed to blow-drying or cutting or spraying it. Tooooo high maintenance for me today. You must be blessed with obedient frontal hair ;)

  5. Well done for getting the kids out and about over the holidays. All through Ratbag's playgroup holiday (born after April so too late for kinder) we've been knocking around in the house, banging into each other and being generally annoying...

  6. So what direction do you think Climber may head as an adult? (Even though it's way too early to tell, it's fun to speculate.) We've seen that he's comfortable performing in front of crowds, probably has some proficiency at tap dancing, and may also have a knack for gymnastics. He may be a chip off your block?

  7. Oh I think tears and soccer camp go together. Last time I had one happy one and one unhappy one (because she was the only girl).

    You've reminded me to book Blossom in for her annual haircut (I just need to have a G&T in hand when I tell her about it...)

  8. I hate the way some 'coaches' ruin sport for kids.
    Mind you, I never had the sport gene!!
    Your fringe trim looks very nice!

  9. Haircuts. Dammit. It's the end of the holidays and I forgot to organise them.

  10. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow -- yippee!


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