Monday, July 07, 2008

A waste of good Ylang Ylang.

The plan was to return from our trip to Daylesford all serene and happy, so that the ensuing two weeks of school holidays would be as pleasant as possible for everyone. And up until the minute I walked through my front door to hungry children whose father (a) was still at the pub (he turned up 5 minutes after I did) despite airy, reassuring sms-es that led me to expect the opposite and (b) had not left any dinner instructions with Nell-the-kind-babysitter, the plan was going well. And it's possible that if Fixit had managed to apologise then my anger would have blown over. But he is not good at apologising so this did not happen, and I was angry for nearly a week. Which was a bit of a bummer. And I never got to tell him about the super bath and massage I had, or the lovely meals, or what a great relaxing time I had with the girls. Because I was too cross to even look at him.

Meantime the school holidays ploughed on, and prolonged sulking on my part aside, they have, on the whole, been very nice. I've been having sleep-ins because the kids are of an age where they can quietly self-amuse for fairly long periods of time if Fixit has made the breakfasts & switched on the pixel nanny.

We have played with Bertie Wooster, who is now allowed outdoors and has become a much nicer cat because of it. It also means that it is much easier to have people visit us, as we are no longer shouting shut the door!!! every time someone goes into the backyard.

We have played with lots of our friends, including these ones:

The boys have played with Lego. A lot. In fact, they've even had organised Lego play; here is a picture of Cherub attending his first ever Lego Workshop. (His veteran big brother had disappeared off to the toilet when I took the photo)

I've had a rest from teaching Saturday morning Kiddie Tap Classes because I was feeling burnt out. But I took a long drive out to Cranbourne on Friday to do a special teenage holiday program workshop in the company of fellow Tap-pet, the lovely Miss Kaye, and a good time was had by all. And I wish everyone paid artists as well as that council does. And I also wish that I had better photos.

Finally, today, after a pleasant but tiring weekend on my own with the boys because Fixit had to work both days, I am having a bit of peace and quiet. The Climber is at Soccer Clinic and I cleverly put the Cherub into the holiday program at his Kinder.

And seeing as I have finally come off my high-horse, (but am still very much on the moral high-ground) I thought I'd blog.


  1. Oh, I SO hear you! I think you should treat yourself to another massage, just to help repair your frame of mind.

  2. Sometimes I have a sleepin with the intention of skipping all the kid-breakfast stuff. Four out of five times, I will emerge from the bedroom to discover the kids are happy but still unfed!?

  3. Ohhh, enjoy those sleep-ins....

    I've only managed to sleep in once!!! Such a waste of good holiday mornings.

  4. That pixel-nanny must be two-timing us, because she's working at my house at breakfast time too.

  5. I did think you had gone very quiet!

    The pixel nanny is doing a good job at my house too.

    Love the holidays!

  6. Ouch!
    Nothing like getting all loosened up just to get tense again.
    You're looking mighty fine in your purple taps though, I must say, and I don't think your pictures are lousy at all.

  7. *snort* "pixel nanny" *snort*

  8. Ha! pixel-nanny. It's funny cause it's true.

  9. we're pretty fond of the pixel nanny too...

    and as for coming home to hungry children, that won't happen next time? because he'll know from this time? right?

  10. I get severely miffed when I get 'time off' and return to find that time has frozen and everything that I normally do has not be done during my absence. It kind of makes the break less......relaxing, knowing that everything will just be piling up at home.
    Happy summer holidays.

  11. Pixel nanny? Excellent, I shall remember that one.

  12. I'm a sulker. I also slam doors when I'm mad. If I open my mouth, I'm afraid everything that has every been done wrong will rush out of it and everyone knows that would be really, really bad.

    Love those Lego shirts! Bertie Wooster is growing into one big kitty. One of Crafty's gang there looks like Ron Weasley!

    Pixel Nanny is one of my favorite terms.

  13. "Pixel nanny."

    While others sprain their wrists patting you -- deservedly -- on the back, I believe I should be totally honest with you:

    I'm stealing that.


  14. PN's working hard over here too.
    As for breakfast, the boys help themselves to a few weetbix straight out of the box if they get too hungry. It wouldn't kill them to bring me a coffee in bed either.
    Where's the lego clinic? The boys would absolutely love that.

  15. My head's a spinning. Are you sure you had time for rest and massage in there with all that was going on?

  16. What Stacey said.

    MC has been fixing his own breakfast for about a year.

    No 'Mother of the Year' awards here as I lay in bed each and every morning....

  17. I didn't get too many "away with the girls" breaks when my kids were little. There was one memorable time though, when I went shopping, sans kids, for the day [a Saturday] and when I came home hubby was propped, unconcernedly, in front of the tv, while youngest child at the time was back in the bathroom, standing IN the toilet....Oy...

  18. Boy! Do I know that feeling!!
    Hope things go softer.

  19. You most certainly do have the moral high ground Sister!

    I wish the pixel nanny still maintained her allure around here, but my girls seem to have gone off tv!! Outrageous!! Whose kids don't like television???!! It's freaky.

    And, oooh, massages and time in Daylesford! Bliss :)

  20. Oh roll on Term 3.

    I have had a non-stop all night slumber party going on upstairs for 10 days.

    I'm just about ready to shoot somebody...

  21. My Mum and her friends used to have a champagne lunch when term started back. I never could understand why when I was little. I do now. Some of the participants were teachers and they still celebrated the return to the classroom!

    Glad the frost has thawed at your place, hope a productive discussion of Rights of Woman & Responsibilities of Man has ensued.

  22. Ah, Stomper. Are we long-lost cousins? I can relate to what you've written very well, just as others did. Just substitute "filthy uncleaned bathroom with broken toilet seal perhaps causing expensive damage to subfloor, and can't you be responsible for a toilet at your age?" and "non-cooperation in moving son's bedtime to a reasonable hour" for your experiences.

    Bertie is growing to be a very fine-looking cat, and as always, your sons are delightfully handsome and mischievous-looking.

  23. I say get yourself another massage. Heck, get another two - quick this weekend before the holidays end.

    Am I out of the loop with the Pixel Nanny thing? If it's electronic I don't want it in my house. I've.had.enough.of.electronics.grr.

  24. Oh okay NOW I get it. pixel nanny. slow. that's me.


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