Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We were sitting at the dinner table tonight and our conversation with the Climber was getting quite animated, when out of nowhere a small doleful voice announced no-one listens to me. And a small doleful Cherub-boy leant his face into his hand, and looked glumly at his plate. There was a moment when both Fixit and I sat frozen, just looking at our small son, while we replayed the conversation in our heads and realised he had been trying to interject without success. We then added insult to his injury by bursting into surprised laughter, but we reined ourselves in and asked him to tell us what he'd said.

The thing is, we're so used to him being our happy-go-lucky baby that we forget he's growing up, and getting more complicated. So sometimes he has to remind us. He's only got 5 (five!!) more days left at kinder, and he's just spent the last few weeks attending Transition programs at school. (School!!!) See the new school bag and school hat on that big boy there?

school preparation_7073

Sorry bubsy. I will try harder to listen to you.


  1. Poor guy! My Bean is the youngest of our five, and somehow, when he was small, we got into the habit of affectionately calling him "Little Guy." He says he can't get it out of his head though he's 6' 4 " now!

  2. Somehow I think he'll manage to make himself heard.

    How exciting for him to be going to school. He looks more than ready, but are you?

  3. I know .... this is a toughie - our second born has taken to saying .... "its HIS NAME here speaking"

    AS if I can't tell them apart ....

    And where has the year gone - who stole it !! my first born has done the first year at school in a weeks time .... how did that happen !! le xoxo

  4. Chin up, Cherub.

    No one listens to me either. (But I've learned to be smug about it.)


  5. School hey? That's a big step for a family when they all disappear there every day.

    (I just realised how stupid that is. I was thinking of my family... not every family ALL go to the same place all day every day. Sorry. Just woke up and you're the first comment of the day. I'll go now...)

  6. Little Cherub's starting school?
    Lucky him, but poor you. Wine at 9.30am is permitted the day your baby goes to school.

    Word verification: grappo

    They are getting more interesting these days!!

  7. Oh wow, I can't believe he's starting school! It only seemed like last week you were posting the first school photos of Climber!

    Can you slow your kids' growth down please? I love looking at their gorgeous little KID faces.

  8. Oh, Cherub! I'm sure we all know that feeling.

    Don't feel guilty Stomper, you were probably trying so hard to listen to Fixit's physics or Climber's school tales that you failed to manage to concentrate on 3 people talking to you at once! - understandable really!

    Oh, and thank you for trying to make me feel better about my crinkly legs!! It was in fact an unflattering overhead light, but alas they actually are also 'quite' crinkly ;-)

  9. Oh he's a darling!

    Our nearly 5 year old T is really finding his voice too, and he gets quite incensed if we don't really listen to what he's saying. Up until recently, he really wasn't directing his words torward us, so it's been a learning curve for all of us.

  10. PL knows how you feel Cherub, he thinks no-one listens to him too. He has, as a result, developed a loud "listen to me" voice...

  11. Oh yes. It is hard to make sure you mind the feeling of those quiet ones as they get older. Reminds me of my second born.

  12. Oh Cherub.

    I just need to pop off and dry my eyes.

  13. We all felt it when we were young I think.. I distinctly remember feeling that way. I still do, so now I inflict my random thoughts on anyone silly enough to read my blog.

  14. Poor kid. It does happen though with the younger ones though, doesn't it? We just kind of assume they'll always be younger. But that only has meaning in reference to the older, doesn't mean young forever.


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