Friday, August 14, 2009

Cherub's First School Concert.

If you wanted good seats at the Prep Concert last night you had to be prepared to brave the scrum at the theatre door. General admission can be a dangerous thing at a school concert, I'm telling you. I banded together with Nell and my 2 Prep K girlfriends (all experienced and determined queue strategists) and we steered our families to the 5th row without hurting or losing anyone. Here's my part of the row sitting nicely and waiting: Pa and Grandma Fixit with Mister Fixit, Climber and Nell.

proud audience 289

Now, if you thought the crowds went off at U2 or Justin Timberlake concerts you ought to have seen what it was like at Colour My World last night. The curtain opened to reveal the whole grade sitting on stage in neat rows, just about to launch into I Can Sing A Rainbow and some Italian songs, when the screaming, whooping, cheering and clapping began. And went on. And on. My lord we were excited. Some of us cried. The kids on stage looked back at us in equal excitement but with rather more restraint and began peering out trying to locate their families. There was a lot of waving. From stage and auditorium.

The theme of the show was colours so we watched the Purple People Eaters, the Blue Suede Shoes and the Lallow Sumbaweens (well that's how I say it in my head -that's Cherub's fault, that is - but you probably know it as the Yellow Submarine), and they were adorable.

But our row was waiting with bated breath for the last of the four classes to arrive.

Ooh! Here they come! Being lead on magnificently by my little Pink Panther. Dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant dead-ant dead-ant.

cherub leads them on

Then they sang When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbing Along which I swear I sang when I was in Prep. They were fabulous.

prepK concertmontage_1
prepK concertmontage_2

After Prep K left the stage to rapturous applause, the entire grade came back on stage to sing Colour My World. Another golden oldie, it was a 70s revival. I noticed Cherub looked very emphatic during this number, when he sang just colour my world he was looking quite stern and bossy and you wouldn't want to be the minion who had accidentally made everything sepia frankly.

you can colour my world

Then it was out to the foyer to collect the little stars.

after the show312

He was on such a high after the show and it took a lot of work to get him into bed, and I reckon the same would have been true for all his classmates. I also think their adorable teacher will have a class full of little grumps this morning, but she is so wonderful that she will handle it with ease and grace.

Well done little Cherub. Excellently well done.


  1. I can cry at the drop of a hat when it comes to my child. I would have been crying seeing such a concert!! Awesome. I could hear the kiddlets singing in my can colour my world with sunshine yellow each

  2. Oh how bloody cute!

    I feel all soppy, and I wasn't even there!

    Gee Cherub looks gorgeous with his new haircut.

  3. precious!! I sang The Red Red Robbin song too.....ahhhh memories.

  4. I always cry.
    Even if it's not my kid, even if it's just low-priced strawberries at the supermarket, I always cry.

    He looks soooo cute!
    When's the big boy have his concert?

  5. How hyped is that face in the end picture? Glad a good time was had by all and well done with strategising the queues!

  6. This is so sweet. Lord, how they grow.

  7. I wonder who he gets it from?! Love the tail!

  8. Oh you're melting my heart, and getting me ready for kindergarten which starts in 10 days.

    I would have fit in perfectly with this colorful # when I was 6. I remember being harshly criticized by my mom's boyfriend, for chewing a wad of green bubblegum, through my entire first grade performance. (Fortunately his harsh criticism was actually quite endearing, and I still laugh to this day by how dismayed he was - and what was I thinking?)

    Cherub is still a sweet Cherub, haircut and all!

  9. What H&B said.

    Even before I had kids, I used to tear up watching my nieces and nephews perform.

    Now that I have had kids...I am just a complete sop.

  10. I'm with H&B and Crafty. The excitement and nervous energy. I am soooooooooo empathetic. Love the Cherub's haircut. They obviously get their stage talent from you.

  11. That looks like a fabulous concert! I'll tear up at any school concert...

  12. I'm a real crier too - particularly where the boys (even the man sized boy) is concerned.
    Doesn't Cherub look pumped! Gorgeous boy.

  13. There is no doubt... Cherub is a STAR!


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