Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Favourite Man.

Scene. Kitchen. Fixit is at the sink surveying the mess. Stomper Girl walks through, en route to the Grown-up's Room.
Stomper Girl (to Fixit): If you pour me some wine you'll be my favourite man. Actually, you already are my favourite man but could you pour me some wine anyway, please?
Fixit: Okay.
Scene. Grown-Up's Room. Cherub is in pyjamas waiting for his story, drawing. He has partly heard this exchange.
Cherub : Who is your favourite man?
Stomper Girl: Fixit is.
Cherub: Oh. I thought your Dad was.
Stomper Girl: He's my second favourite.
Cherub: Oh. [pause] Who is your third favourite?
Stomper Girl: [considers]...
Cherub: Am I?
Stomper Girl: No! You're not a man!
Cherub: Yes I am.
Stomper Girl: No, you're a boy.
Cherub: I thought boys were mans?
Stomper Girl: Well, when they grow up. Not yet.
Cherub: Oh.
Stomper Girl: But you and Climber are my equal first-favourite boys.
Cherub: I thought I was.
Stomper Girl: What?
Cherub: I thought I was your favourite boy.
Stomper Girl: What, you think I like you better than Climber?
Cherub: (completely matter-of-fact) Yes.
Stomper Girl: No! I like you both the same.


Stomper Girl: Why did you think I liked you better than Climber?
Cherub: (completely matter-of-fact) Because I'm cuter.



  1. Confidence will get you a long way in this life, beautiful boy.

  2. My brother and I are both convinced we are our mother's favourites! I'll bet you other boy is just as confident he's yours!

  3. BUt of course...

    Lately I've been referring to my hubby as my favourite husband, as long as he's in the good books.

    If not he's my first husband.

  4. LOL.

    Those are some great, charming kids you have there. I think I know where they get it.

  5. I'm MY mother's favorite. She denies it too. But I know better. It's because I'm the smartest.

  6. That's definitely a confident one you have there! And cute.

  7. Fiveness is fabulous! Smart boy ;-)

  8. He IS cute. And so is Climber.

    They take after their mum and dad you know.

    (Word verif. is diestur, which I believe is the German for tease)

  9. Well you can't argue with that!

    If one of my children asks who is my favourite I always answer that the other one is.

    In fact the answer to "why did you give him/her more/better/larger" is always "because he/she is my favourite".

    But I'm mean like that.

  10. He looks like he is punching the air and going "YES" - because who can argue with matter of factness in a five year old!

  11. And what does Climber have to say about all this?

  12. Snorting at M, and laughing at Cherub!

  13. How can you argue with logic like that? !! He IS cute!

  14. Love that..."because i am cuter" too funny!!

  15. Ah-hahahahahaha. That's a hilarious exchange. Made me laugh out loud. A lot.


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