Thursday, August 06, 2009


We had Pyjama Day at school yesterday, a Junior School Council initiative to raise money for charity, which is always cute and doubly so this year because I sent TWO boys off in flannel jarmies and badly-fitting dressing gowns. Of course, to send them out looking halfway respectable meant [a] searching around various piles of washing to locate a pair of matching top and bottoms for each child (because their preference in night-time attire is to mix it up a bit, yo) followed by [b] sewing on a crucial button, because no-one wants their pants to fall down in the schoolyard, do they? But having put in this effort the night before I was rewarded by the easiest ever get-the-kids-ready-for-school routine that next morning.

pyjama day 09 219

I have decided that Grade 3 might be the age of self-consciousness; and furthermore that it could be that age in between accepting whole-heartedly and without question the concept of coming to school in your pyjamas, and that of coming to school in your pyjamas in the spirit of charity or irony or crazy fun. I reckon two-thirds of the boys in Climber's class elected NOT to wear bedtime apparel to school this year, which was not the case across the rest of the grades, nor in previous years. And although Climber was happy to dress up in his pyjamas, he was massively worried that he was going to be the only child there who did. He spent the entire morning asking me are you sure it's today? and was not reassured by my constant assertions that I was sure. When I said have you ever known me get something like this wrong? he merely replied no, but I don't want today to be the first time you do. He was only really satisfied when I promised, in the unlikely event of me getting my dates muddled, to drive him back home for a change of clothes.


  1. Cherub looks so cute on the monkey bars!

    Mmmm, My eight year old has had this sort of self consciousness from age 4, now that he is eight he is cautiously testing the waters, he -semi- complied with crazy hair day this year. Which is more than usual.

  2. 8 is definitely the age when such things start to happen.
    My 8 yo has become so much more conscious of what others will think, whether something is cool, the need to fit in, etc.
    It's a bit sad when they change from that completely unselfconscious stage, but I suppose it's gonna happen.

  3. I would suggest that the fact that so many of his classmates did NOT wear their pyjamas means that this will be the last time that Climber does it. At heart we are all creatures of the pack.

  4. That's a pretty good idea for a fundraiser. Never heard of such a thing before...

  5. That's so cute. Sigh, they are growing up so fast!

  6. I would have the same problems with matching pyjamas.

    And a difficulty with Margot because at heart?

    She is a nudist.

  7. When my 13yo was younger he would flat out refuse to dress up for these things in case I was wrong. Funny boys.

  8. Ah, the old matching PJ story.

    I save the hassle by having ALL my nightwear in pink, purple, stripes or mix-match green/pink- that way everything goes with everything else. I add layers for mooching about when I get up, and have recently discovered the joys of cardigans instead of dressing gowns. I feel 10 years younger!

    Your boys are very sweet. I would have offered a packed bag with back-up gear for a quick change if necessary. He might take that option next year.

  9. Oh, the stress of being young!

    I had a dream the other night that I went into town in my pyjamas. I wasn't that bothered.

    What a lovely BW post. Sigh sigh sigh.

  10. What Mary said.... too.

    My J.T. doesn't like to walk on the wild side. He would also be worried about getting the date right, being the only one, etc. He refused to do tacky day for Red Ribbon week and his hair has to be combed the same way everyday. He takes comfort in sameness.

  11. If Climber lived with me he'd be totally justified in wondering and doubting that I got the day right! I sometimes wish I could just go as I am [in my jammies] to the grocery store, but haven't got the gumption!

  12. SG refuses to wear jamas. He is very stubborn about some things.
    Those boys look very cute in the night attire.

  13. Weren't they cold??

    Personally I think my town should have a rule enforcing ugg boots from May til November for anyone not requiring steel caps for safety purposes, my chiropractor agreed with me. The worst thing about leaving the house is having to switch from uggies to proper shoes.

  14. So is that a celebretory whoop that he is indeed not the only one in flannel?

    I notice that it's also the age where half the girls are actually in their jammies and the other half must where sweats to bed!


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