Monday, August 31, 2009

Caught Being Good

Our school has a Caught Being Good Award where, as the Principal says, random acts of kindness & senseless beauty are rewarded. The children -one from each class- who are Caught Being Good receive a certificate and a book and get to stand up in front of the whole assembly. It took poor Climber until Grade 2 to win his first one, not because he is bad, (in fact the troublesome children are far more likely to receive these awards early on as an inducement to behave well in future) but because he was slipping under the radar... and possibly because his first 3 teachers' admin skills were not focussed on fair and equitable doling out of this award. I have to tell you that eventually -and I waited 2 and 3/4 years before I did so- I nagged someone about it and said Surely my child should have had one by now? And lo, next assembly he was "caught". In complete turn around, this year he was the first child in his grade to receive it, not because of any outstanding behavioural improvements, simply because his teacher rewards good behaviour with lollies and my sweet-toothed child was assiduously doing all sorts of helpful tasks for her. "Always helping clean up the classroom without being asked" the award stated, loosely translated to "will work for sugar".

The Cherub is far more front and centre where the radar is concerned and is also taught by a wonderful woman who I had every confidence would have a system for making sure everyone received one during the year. He is also far more inclined to notice if he is missing out on anything (second child syndrome?) so during the year he occasionally had a little weep and wail about how he NEVER got caught being good. (His brother on the other hand never seemed to notice.) I said Patience sweetie your time will come.

Today it did. My goodness he felt proud.
proud boy 438

He was rewarded for being a "super star reader and always persisting with his work".

And I must tell you that when his name was called out he was observed to pump his fist. Yessss!


  1. Awesome!


    *Melody pumps her fist into the air*

  2. Junior fist pumping. You've gotta love it.
    Congrats to the very good boy.

  3. You go, Cherub! Pump your fist all you want.


  4. Ain't the fist-pumping grand! ;-) Congrats to you both, he must have it from someone! ;-)

  5. That's pretty cool, especially the fist pump.

  6. Yay! That's our boy!

    Yeah, I know, he is yours and all that, but when he does something wonderful, he belongs to all of us.

    When he is a snot, which I am sure there are times when he can be, then you can have him.

    Thank you thank you thank you for my pressie! I love them!!!!!

    (ner, watch Melinda have melt down wondering what I got that she didn't)

  7. yay ! Love the idea of that award and I am pumpin my old lady fists too... Yesssssssssssssssssss

  8. Go Cherub!

    (I love the idea that Cherub belongs to all of us. A blog love child).

  9. Yessss! She says as she punches her fist in the air.

    Well done Cherub.

  10. I know that 2nd child syndrom well. Have been overcompensating for the fact Z has 2 more years till kindergarten, all week!

    That's excellent Cherub, and what great things to be caught being good for!!!

  11. What a freaking great idea! He does look so proud and that is the whole point isn't it. You don't have to excel at everything, just give it your best in the quiet moments - hurray fro cherub

  12. The pumping fist is funny and cute, but it's the "will work for sugar" that got me.

  13. Oh that little face as he walks back carrying his award. It says it all. Well done helpful, clever boy.

  14. I am always charmed by your stories. Your kids sound great (it doesn't hurt to have such a clever, loving mom), and I do like some of the things your school system has come up with. They seem to have less of a factory/mass production philosophy than many of the ones here.

  15. love 2nd child syndrome - they don't hold back, do they ? :)

    ( but i'm glad you nagged for the
    1stborn - something i'd normally scoff at, but heck, come on teach, didn't you NOTICE? - be fair! )

    I would have doen the same for mine too .. better than having them be naughty and THEN come back from the edge to be noticed ?!


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