Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The family fridge gets a make-over.

Defrosting the fridge is Fixit's job. Always. As is fitting a new door seal, although it is my job to order the door-seal from the internet.

(He said don't show a photo of me wearing that stupid Harley shirt, people will think I like them. He doesn't okay? He got the shirt free from his previous place of employment, and wears it only for doing chores.)


Mopping the floor after the fridge is defrosted is usually my job.
Fair's fair.
I'd rather mop than defrost.

Deciding to clean up and re-arrange the magnets was not so much a job as an exercise in fun for me.

Numeric and alphabetic order, if you don't mind.

I like a fridge full of magnets and photos. Especially those alphabet and number magnets, I couldn't wait to have children so we could get some.

Well, all right.

That's a slight exaggeration.

I'm a big fan of Judy Horacek's work. I also have some tea-towels and an apron by her.

horacek magnets

We already owned these very cool penguin magnets and I quite enjoy finding them in different positions on the fridge following Cherub's sporadic magnet-play sessions.

pengies and kitties

The cat magnets were some retail-therapy in the wake of Bertie Wooster's continued disappearance.

kitty magnets 270

They are no longer sitting in a neat line, though. They were dispersed around the fridge-face the instant Cherub discovered them.

I decided to put this photo of Cherub and my cousin into one of the magnetic frames during the course of the clean-up. No point to having a magnetic frame if you don't put a photo in it, hey?


By the time I got round to photographing my handiwork the Cherub had vetoed this decision. In his opinion it was no good, because you couldn't see all of the photo.

new frame

I do like that he took matters into his own hands though, rather than just whining to the management.

fridge magnets

I also think his love of magnet re-arranging may have come directly from me. Can you spot the kitties now?

Meanwhile, the Fixit genes are strong with this one.

Power tool training 332


  1. Your fridge magnets are awesome! I must be more artistic with mine. Though we have slightly more sparkly pink ones than you do :)

  2. Tell Fixit I love Harleys too!!

    Ok, ok, I am just yanking his chain, I don't really care either way about them.

    I love fridge magnets. You have a LOT!

    I want the kitty ones.

    I want Bertie to come home. I am still worrying about him, and think of him every day. (I kind of think I might have some issues, being obsessive about other people's cats.)

  3. You need those magnets where you make up stupid sentences. Or do you have those ones already and I didn't spy them in your vast array of fridge magnets?

  4. Ooo I luvs me some fridge magnets, I have almost eleventymillion of them :)

  5. I'm into the fridge magnets too. I find them deposited all over the house though as at least one of mine likes to grab them and carry them around.

  6. My fridge lives in the cupboard and STILL gets covered in pics and magnets and old school letters no-one remembers to read in time.

  7. At last I know what refrigerators are really for - the food storage is a mere flummery.
    I still have one missing kitty magnet. Perhaps it is underneath the fridge, but I suspect a grandchild wandered off with it and lost it.
    My fridge is covered with magnets from tradesmen, which settle in our letter box like autumn leaves. They are mostly from plumbers and electricians - which probably says a lot about the declining infrastructure around here.

  8. Fabulous magnet arranging. And the letter/number/maths magnets take me straight back to childhood. Loved those. Wonder what ever happened to our set?

  9. I bought alphabet magnets for the kid, but he doesn't want to put them on the fridge.

    I think you need the ones from the museum shop that are animals in two halves, which gives the effect of the creature coming out or going into the fridge door.

  10. So with those museum magnets, it'd be like the arse half of the tiger is in your freezer, waiting to be defrosted for stirfry?

  11. I love that cartoon with the woman calming the dishes!

    Fixit is, as ever, gorgeous!

  12. Those cat magnets are awesome! (Although sorry to hear that BW has not returned-have felt the pain of a missing cat.)
    I love seeing how the kids rearrange the magnets on our fridge. Sadly, these days the fridge seems to overrun with school notices and the magnets have been neglected.

  13. I like the Princess Fiona magnets. Might have to get those for a co worker who's a Fi, and is known as Princess Fiona.

    We have the magnets that you can write sentences with but they're the generic boring ones. My parents on the other hand, have the set from Stratford Upon Avon which feature Shakespearian insults. Much more interesting!

  14. I LOVE your magnets! I rearrange ours on the fridge. Me. Not the kids. Me. I let Rob do the freezer AND the fridge. It gets gross and I don't wanna, so I ignore it until he can't stand it anymore. Which doesn't take an organized person like Rob very long.

  15. What a lovely little slice of your lives. I love blogs.

  16. Yep, love a good fridge magnet.

    But I get SO sick of picking them up off the floor.

    We have the sentence ones... the boring ones Suse has I suspect.

  17. Our last fridge wasn't magnetic.

    I know! What's a fridge for if tigs don't stick to it?

    There was one built into our new house...so we inherited a bona fide magnetic fridge. Yay.

    (Sorry to hear Bertie's still MIA.)

  18. That was, of course, supposed to be "if THINGS don't stick to it"...my keyboard is on a go slow...keeps missing out letters.

    I'm sure tigs didn't stick to our old fridge either though.

  19. Great magnets!

    My boys love to play with our fridge magnets; I even have a pot of them they can fuss with when the mood strikes.

  20. Mr Fixit does his plumbing work very thoughtfully in long shirt and high enough pants!

    I love watching a man work with his son. Pip has learnt so much about how to be a man by joining his dad in pursuing manly tasks.

  21. I was not going to have magnets, the old ones sent our old fridge door rusty! However it is hard not to have them when you have grandchildren who love them.


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