Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Life as a Dot Point

  • A neighbour got my hopes up by telling me he'd seen Bertie the missing Badcat mooching around the local school, but seeing as he waited a week to tell me this, and despite our going to the school every night and calling and rattling the food container, we still have no kitty.
  • Getting my hopes up again and having them dashed a second time was pretty upsetting and I ended up crying in front of the children which is probably not a bad thing but made me feel slightly guilty nonetheless.
  • Usually when I'm sad I get pet therapy from cuddling the cat and hearing him purr. My friends are all advising me to pat the Cherub instead.
  • All the rain this week makes me worry about him in case he's stuck out in the elements, because he always used to come in absolutely outraged about the wet stuff from the sky that made him all wet! and would meow loudly and indignantly at us each time it happened.
  • In happier news, my mother came to Melbourne for the weekend. In fact, on Sunday we saw both our mothers -*in one day*-! This is a very rare occurrence. It was of course lovely to see them and as a further benefit there is nothing like having both your mothers come to your house to make you clean up in the wake of Missing Badcat Depression. I'm sure neither of them expect me to do that, but I say whatever works.
  • Climber and a friend entered a poster in a science competition. Climber was a ring-in because another child pulled out. The two boys did a great job and worked surprisingly really hard. The best thing was their loony sense of humour in the presentation which the judges commented favourably on.
science poster 224
  • I have been helping out in Cherub's classroom with their concert preparation, which has been excellent fun. I have to cancel my Thursday night Tap Class this week so that I can go and be a stage-mother, I am that excited. Little preppies doing their first school concert, squee!
  • We had a Trivia Night on Saturday night for our ex-creche, and Astrid and Elda and Pea Soup and Ulishoes came, plus some lovely creche pals. As ever, the night was a lot of fun despite the really awful pizza (bacon and barbecue sauce, bleah) and this was mostly due to the excellent company at our table.
  • Fixit took money from my wallet before I left and didn't put the wallet back in my bag. This meant I turned up without a cent to my name and now owe Astrid $16 for the ticket and drinks to all of the above. But I'm good for it!
  • Sadly, we only came third because the questions were kinda hard this year. Unlike last year when we only got one question wrong. The thing about our team is that we're quite good on the names of celebrity children but not so strong on random facts like what percentage of animal kingdom is comprised of insects [90%] or what Australian town was the birthplace of some Tour-de-France bikeracer [I forget]. And I don't want to be ungracious in defeat or anything but I strongly suspect a man wrote the questions this year, hmph. Not that I'm competitive or anything.
  • We ended up winning a minor prize for correctly answering all the How Well Do You Know Your Creche Staff? questions. There was a fair bit of strategy utilised in taking out that title, including trading answers on the Guess the Celebrity Face sheet and offering Pea Soup's delectable home-made dark-chocolate-and-raspberry-fudge as a bribe.
  • In the end I think I have to blame Nell for our not winning; she selfishly went to Goulburn to see her mother's exhibition opening instead of coming with us, and I feel sure we would have won if she'd come because the difference between us and the winners was a mere 31/2 points which Nell is totally good for.


  1. What can I say:

    * 'Bad' Mr Fixit - smack for that

    * Bertie - what will be will be

    * Pet therapy - maybe someone will lend you theirs while you wait for Bertie to come home

    * Mummy visit - we all love a bit of mummy love don't we?

    * Dot points - mmmm, nice for a change!

  2. I think I'm quite good at trivia but turns out I can't answer either of those two questions. Sports questions! Boo! They bring down my average.

  3. Your tweet guilted me into making a comment! The tour-de-france bike rider wasn't Cadel Evans from down my way (Barwon Heads) was it?

  4. I'm so relieved my fudge came in handy as I was kind of pathetic at all the questions, apart from the First Fleet one and the Madness lyrics. I think there was one other, but I forget now.

  5. Awww. Never mind, sure to win next time!
    Nothing like a Mum to sooth the soul!

  6. Bad badcat, bad Mr Fixit, clever boychilds! ( I visited this afternoon, but didn't leave a comment, then sorry)

  7. Arriving somewhere without my purse is a huge fear for me. Thank goodness for Astrid and her $16 loan.

    Enjoy the preppie concert this week!

  8. Ooh I hate being stuck anywhere without money. Lucky there was someone to help!

    I'm sorry the Badcat hssn't turned up. I still believe you'll see him again.

  9. Our Trivia Night was hard too, but I was enjoying it, and totally gaining respect at my table for music knowledge.

    And then I got the call to come home super-early because the teething 18mo old wanted his mummy.

    Good timing kid :/

    Wann come over and cuddle some guinea pigs ?

  10. I tell you - go to the costumed Trivia Nights!

    And you can pat our Blue Tongue if you want, not as soft as a cat, but still very snuggly!

  11. Your blog's been giving me
    "Google Error

    Server Error

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds."

    Until just now. FYI.

  12. Dark chocolate and raspberry fudge. That sounds rather yum. And she's so slim. Unfair.

  13. * I'm sure Bertie Wooster is warm and dry and being cared for, wherever he may be.

    * Men. They're all the same.

    * Wish I looked forward to my Mum's visits.

    * I'm sending you hugs. I think you're grouse.

  14. I'm glad you posted an update on Bertie, I have been itching to write to you to find out how you were, but too scared to ask in case it upset you.

    That's pretty dumb, I know, the upset doesn't go away quickly, whether you are talking about it or not!

    I hope that was him near the school, do you walk to school? If not, can you, just to put your scent down so he can follow it home?

    Interesting that if it was him that he is near the school, that means that he can smell your boys.

    Fingers crossed!!!

    Oh, and give the person who spotted him a smack in the back of the head for waiting so long to tell you...tell them it's from me.

  15. Trivia night was great fun despite the not winning and our sad failing on the New Order topic. And Suse's fabo fudge more than made up for the pizza.

  16. I second Aunty Evil's smack. And I miss happier Bertie Wooster posts. He had a lot of moxy, that cat. Bet it's keeping him going now.

    BBQ and bacon pizza? WTF?

  17. All up, sounds like a fine week.

    Apart from BW, obviously.

    Still keeping fingers crossed though.

  18. Aunty Evil always has lovely ideas. I third (or fourth) the head-smacking of the helpful yet clueless neighbor.

  19. I'm so sorry kitties still missing. The not knowing makes it that much worse.

    I know mother's don't expect us to clean, but after all the years of being told to clean our rooms, how could we not, and it's always nice to have a clean house!


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