Saturday, August 29, 2009

That Was the Friday That Was

On Friday, Fixit sat the exam for Electrical Fundamentals. Capacitors, resistance, ions and atoms are just some of the words he keeps trying to edge into discussions with me, despite my best efforts. He was feeling so good about his grip on this subject that he announced his intention of achieving 100% for it. It has actually been really good watching him study this time round (as compared to how things were); he has been extremely organised, focussed and motivated, and once more I say: Zoloft is our friend. And I will be flabbergasted if he scores less than 90%

On Friday, a mere 19 months after writing this post, the dream became a reality. A woman came to my house for 2 hours and cleaned it for me, in exchange for some money. What's more, she is going to keep doing that every fortnight, and when I am not feeling like a capitalist lazy-arsed exploiter, I am very, VERY happy.

Book Week Pde 391

On Friday, it was the Book Week Parade at school. Mister Cool, aka the Climber, went as Artemis Fowl (that is the C-Cube and not the Rubiks' Cube he is carrying for the purposes of this dress-up, you'll only know what that means if you've read the books. Which I reckon are very good - the first book pits Artemis-the-master-criminal against The Fairies and you spend the whole book trying to work out who you are siding with) and Cherub is Darth Vader. (What? He IS in books, those crap books they make after the movie which are my least favourite sort of book to read to the children)

I quite like this picture; the store-bought Vader and the home-made one.
two vaders 394

Climber made that mask a few years ago, possibly with help from Fixit, and I think it is a bloody-bewdy, as we say. Our dress-up box is full of handmade cardboard masks (or maskehs as Cherub says), and I just love them.

A good Friday, all in all. The boys had their regular swimming lesson to finish up and then it was fish-and-chips for dinner in the nice clean house and my only complaint was that the bottle of '94 Tahbilk (a gift from Pa Fixit) that we planned to drink was corked and we had to pour it down the sink.

i am dark vadere 409


  1. The home made mask is by far the best.

    I'm guessing 98% for Fixit's exam, don't tell him though, he might be offended...

  2. That mask does indeed rock.

    The cleaner rocks even more.

    Pity about the wine though.

  3. A cleaning lady! What bliss!

    Don't become like the others who are similarly blessed and clean the place before she gets there, will you?

    Good luck to Fixit! Hope he gets the 100, no doubt he deserves it.

  4. Very funny evil. I just tidy up a little so she can actually CLEAN! You have no idea how messy we are. I love my fortnight cleaning lady. Really, truly, LOVE her.

    I say Mr. Fixit scores 100%!

    Love your dress-ups. We are HUGE Darth Vader fans around here. The homemade mask rocks way more than the store bought one.

    May the force be with you.

  5. I'm envious. About two things in your post. Maybe one day I'll bite the bullet and get a cleaning lady. As I gaze around at the devastation that is my lounge room, it's clear that my present system isn't working too well...

  6. First I have to FIND my floor before anyone could clean it.

    The clutter...oh the clutter!

    LOve the maskeh. BIG shame about the wine!

    And there is no reason why Fixit can't score 100%. It is a Y/N answer subject. Stuff is either correct or not in which case 100% is completely in his grasp.

    I loved me some ions and a former life.

  7. I am very grateful indeed that I don't have to sit Fixit's exam. I can tell you now that I wouldn't get 100%.

    Our students return to college tomorrow and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because of this but now you've given me something to cheer up about. No exam about ions and capacitors. Wayhay!

  8. Hooray for you! I'm tickled that the cleaning fairy will be making regular visits. You deserve it.

  9. See, now I look like a complete bitch, because I guessed under 100%, but it's not because I think he -can't- get 100%... and I'd be happy to be wrong, anyway, for some reason I missed that drawing last time, man that drawing is good, you know I'm a softie for kids drawings...

  10. I can't believe a home-made cardboard mask lasts so long in your home?!

    I think i'm going to give up on home-made stuff here as it ends up trashed and looking like rubbish.
    Lucky we haven't needed a stockpile of such things just yet..


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