Monday, October 19, 2009

Bits and Pizzas

pizza 808

The big boy's enthusiasm for cooking continues unabated, fired up by learning how to make damper when away on camp. (And just as a quick aside, this link for damper information amused me; the assertion that informal Australian gatherings OFTEN feature damper served somewhere on the table had me convinced I've been moving in the wrong social circles for my entire life. I HAVE ONLY EVER EATEN DAMPER AT CAMP.) Anyway, because I see long-term gain in encouraging Climber's interest in cooking I agreed to help him whip up both pancakes for breakfast and home-made pizza including the pizza base for dinner, not just in a single weekend but in a single day. If you count the sandwich I had at lunch then all I ate all day... was dough. You can see the finished result here, and I think you'll agree that Mister Fixit's assertion that there is no such thing as too much cheese is wrong wrong wrong. But still, we are calling our first attempt a success and will learn from our mistakes.

Also. Check out the Cherub's new shoes. They feature a fire engine motif complete with red and blue lights which flash on every step he takes. I remember Climber had a pair of purple light-up shoes when he was two-ish, of which I was deeply jealous. Poor Cherub had to wait till he was 6 but I think he appreciates their magic more. He is pretty much the happiest child in the world at the moment and was busting to take them to school to show his friends. I saw his little gang doing timed-laps of the play equipment not long after we arrived, testing out the go-fastness of the new shoes. He informed me as we walked towards line-up that the only person who could run faster was Climber, and that's obviously about the legs not the shoes.

light-up shoes 805


  1. God, yum about the pizzas! I make my own too (including bases), and they are pretty darned good too if you ask me.

    ooooh, I'm hungreeee.

    Great shoes! I flash when I walk too, but it is usually because I tucked my skirt into my undies when in the lady's loo.

  2. My Pete is of the "you can't have too much topping or cheese on a pizza" school too.

    Might have to make pizzas tomorrow night now - yours look too, too delicious.

  3. Those pizzas look wonderful. You are right, do everything you can to encourage cooking in your boys.
    Love those flasher shoes.. so much better than the raincoat variety!

    We have a friend who makes Damper every Australia Day, & she serves it to everyone with golden syrup!

  4. I've been in socilising in all the wrong places too - we only every had damper at camp or when camping. At camp on a stick, camping in a huge dutch oven.
    I wish I had sneakers like that.

  5. A day of dough sounds pretty good to me.

    And I too have only ever had damper at camp. With golden syrup, of course.

  6. Neenor shoes! That is the coolest EVER.

  7. Aunty Evil is so funny!!!

    Pardon me, though, what is 'damper'?

  8. No no, I'm pretty certain you can never have too much cheese. Those pizzas look *magnifica* (say in Italian accent and then do one of those finger kiss thingys).

  9. I've only ever had damper (scone-like bread) at camp. And poorly cooked. Just cos the swaggies used to make it, doesn't mean we have to eat it ;)

    It seems that if you're in the scouts you get to have damper on the stick quite regularly. This my explain why my bloke happily eats raw dough.

    BTW, flashing runners definitely make you run faster or jump higher. My lad was also convinced of this.

  10. Our family love homemade pizza night. Beefcake says it's his favourite dinner. I've just about got my pizza dough perfect now too.

    Wow, those are some amaing flashing shoes. I bet he'll never take them off!

  11. I like those shoes! Abby has a princess pair that flash when she walks. She loves them too. But is too concerned with princess style walking to worry about their "go fastness".

    Yummy PIZZA! Help in the kitchen.... divine. Cheesy pizza is best.

  12. Those are some impressive shoes, and some impressive pizza's.
    Dough or not, keep him cooking. It's nice to have people who are eager to cook for us!

  13. I love pizza - it's the only time I can hide the vegies so A will eat them!

    Those shoes are fabulous. A is not looking at this photo - he'll want a pair pronto!


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