Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot and Cold

I'm joining in with the What's Hot What's Not meme from Loobylu. I'm going to do What's Not first though because I like to end on a happy note.

What's Not.

My computer, the Mac, has gone phut. I hope it's not terminal (I'm too scared to try it myself) because it was not backed up. I know. I was trying to back it up but it needed an upgrade before I could do that and my friend The Guy had to move house first.

My phone. I admit I bought it because it was almost purple but now I hope it breaks so I can go back to the brand I liked. Stupid and annoying software takes me twice as long to do anything. Probably will last for ever just to spite me.

Putting on weight and getting old lady arms. It just doesn't seem fair with my moderate eating and drinking habits and my regular exercise but old age is a bitch. I kinda know why it's happened too, it's because I spend large chunks of my day in front of the computer. I am on a campaign to amend this. There are push-ups involved.

What's Hot.

Going out to dinner last Saturday with my girlfriends Astrid, Jenny and Lana to eat seriously good Italian food in fabulous company. I tried a goat dish which came with soft polenta - Astrid has been singing the praises of soft polenta over hard polenta for some time and now that I've tried it I am pretty sold on it and looking for recipes. From what I've read so far I foresee a fair bit of whisking, which will be good for my arms. (see What's Not)

Fixit progressing through the various stages of the Big Job Application. The applications are handled by a recruitment company to weed out 80% of applicants, then the employer makes the decision from the 20% left standing. So far (and we're still with the recruitment company) Fixit has made it to Round 3. We've had Round 1; apply online with kickarse letter and cv, Round 2 sit an online personality test, honestly what a crock those things are, and Round 3 last night was a phone interview and he thinks that went well; it was all why do you want to work for this company and what would you do in a go-wrong situation at work and stuff like that. If he gets through that it will be an online technical aptitude test. Fingers crossed.

My hair. It is just looking so nice at the moment that I keep expecting people to comment on it. (They never do). Seriously though, I've got the best hair I've ever had in my life and I am sick in love with it. Beyond having a good hairdresser I don't do anything to it except wash & condition it. I only brush it if I'm going somewhere posh ie hardly ever. I actually think pregnancy changed my hair for the better (and then child-rearing took some of it away by adding some grey) because since children I have lovely cascading loose auburn curls which look like Hollywood hair except I put in NO effort and I'm sorry to brag about it here but you can blame my everyday people who keep not noticing causing me to put a pathetic boast about it on my blog. Also I can't take a good photo of it so you just have to take my word for it.

Taking the boys out of school early so that we could see the Pompeii Exhibition at Melbourne Museum without the crowds. Cherub was probably a little young for it (there was whining) but Climber and I really enjoyed it and now I wish I could go and see the real thing. The body casts were so tragic, but other stuff was quite amazing, the jewellery and the cooking equipment. I also really loved reading the graffiti, so much funnier than tagging. I came home and looked up a full list of the graffiti, clearly the curators decided to go with just the family friendly stuff. (I did not see this one for example : Restituta, take off your tunic, please, and show us your hairy privates. . Such manners, note the "please"!) You are not allowed to take pictures in the exhibition so don't, like I did, bring your big heavy camera if you are going, and it closes on Sunday so you'd better be quick.

pompeii 011


  1. I need to see a photo of the hot hair and the not hot alleged old lady arms. They could both be in the same photo if you like...


    There's heaps of photos of me here where the arms are on view. And the hair, sort of.

  3. Caroline, take off your tunic and let's see your batwings and hairy parts...oh, sorry, I meant hair, in parts.


  4. You don't need to see my old lady arms anyway. Suffice to say I am noticing sagginess and wrinkliness and I don't like it. I don't have to parade it do I?

  5. yeah, physically speaking, getting old sucks.

    I told my doctor today I wanted a new body and he said well, this is the best time of your life isn't it? And he's kind of right I guess.

    And you Ms Stomper are dancing fit and gorgeous! Old lady arms arms or no.

  6. Yay for good hair and yay for museum exhibitions and early marks from school to do some fun stuff with mum.

  7. I think your hair is gorgeous and I'm quite sure your everyday people do too. They're just males, so therefore not the greatest at articulating it.

    Oh look my word verification is beraggy, but I purposely didn't MENTION the arms so how did it get there? I just commented on babelbabe's blog and the wv there was chokalit.

  8. I can vouch for the beauty of your hair.

    You know the nickname for those batwings don;t you? "Mike Walshes" - because when the old ladies in the audience clapped their flabby underarms would shudder away in unison!!


  9. Well of course you have lovely hair - you always have had lovely hair. I can bear witness, from years of observation.
    Don't knock old lady arms! Some of the best mothers have them, and somehow manage to cope, despite the rapid onset of practically everything.
    Go and check out old man arms. You might be even more shocked.
    Enjoy the pushups.

  10. Fingers crossed for Fixit!! If I had any pull in my circles, I would have loved to exercise it to give him a good word. I'm not quite in the right department, though. Close, but not close enough.

    Your hair is gorgeous and your figure is amazing (said she from her quarter century sedentary desk perch).

  11. Rats!Aunty Evil beat me to my intended smart arse comment! I'm sure your hair is gorgeous, and don't knock the bat wings. They could turn out to be very handy if you ever have to jump out of a mighty oak tree or off the top of a really tall building.....

  12. Bless you Stomper, you make me laugh!
    Loved the polite grafitti.
    I am in deep acceptance of the old lady arms- though occasionally I catch sight of my grandmother's body in some surprise is very disconcerting!

  13. I want to see the hot hair. Oooh, I see you've given us a link.
    Ok, now I'm just irritated. You call those old lady arms? Please, come visit me and the hams I stuff in my shirt sleeves to call arms.
    Sorry to hear about the Mac-- Mac and not-working just don't usually go together.
    And the phone. I totally get the phone. I buy for colour too. In fact I have had a mountain bike for 13 years that I bought for the colour even though it didn't fit my body. I refuse to give it up beause it cost so much :-(

  14. It is good to see that the What's Not list is far outweighed by the Hot list.

    I would have LOVED to see that Pompei exhibit!!

    J.T. calls the arm sag, "the wobbly bits". He told his grandmother that he loved her, inspite of her wobbly arms. So sweet.

  15. The job interview process sounds crazy! I hope he doesn't feel completely over them by the time he actually gets the job! Good luck with the final stages! xx

  16. I think you have fabulous hair. I'm seriously jealous of your hair.

    I haven't seen it lately - but if it's even better than it was it must be amazing.

  17. I agree with the others that say your hair is gorgeous. Having super short hair I am in envy of anyone who is able to grow theirs beyond ear length.
    As for the arms, I can feel mine wobble when I serve, so I don't wear sleeveless tennis shirts any more.
    The ravages of time....


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