Sunday, October 25, 2009

You know that thing when?

... you tell everyone how much you like your hair and it suddenly stops doing those fabulous soft curls and goes kind of lank and straight?

... one of your blog readers is also one of your tap students and her class is that same evening that you just bragged about your great hair and she says, completely deadpan, so your hair is looking fabulous and then you get roolly embarrassed but you also get the giggles for the rest of the evening?

... the door slams really hard onto your finger nail and it hurts so much you can't speak and then everyone keeps asking you what happened, what's wrong? and won't stop until you tell them that you hurt-yourself-so-badly-you-can't-speak?

Also in the news. It was Nell's birthday so she came round for roast beef with Yorkshire puddings (as did my sister who happened to be in town that day) and birthday cake. Yum.

nell's birthday

Cherub is still into dressing up. Hurrah!



  1. Happy birthday to our Nell!

    That cake looks yum, can I have the recipe?

    And can I have the recipe for your Yorkshire puds as well?

    And Cherub looks cute as always.

    And sucko about your hair, I don't feel so alone now.

  2. I reckon I jinx my hair. True. When I make a hairdresser appointment my hair all-of-a-sudden becomes fab and I think, oh why did I make an appointment for? I dare not cancel because I can only imagine what would happen if so...

  3. Sympathy for your finger. OW!

    Yeah for the dressing up! Boo still occasionally does it and it give me such joy!

    I'm jealous that you have days when you like you hair! Mine is always so goddamn predictable.

  4. Recipe here :

    Bake it, bake it, Aunty Evil. Best cake ever.

  5. The Cherub's hair is totally fabulous - yours will be again, all it needs is a teeny wee trim, the mearest snip.

  6. Obviously you need a little haircut. There is probably a theorem which expresses the time taken after a haircut to reach perfection and then the time for it all to fall flat.
    I should write to my friend who gave me the original cake recipe to let her know it has now reached fame on the web.
    The last time I tried to make it I was about to use thawed buttermilk, but the man of the house saw it, looked at the expiry date, and chucked it out. without consulting me, of course.
    Happy birthday to Nell.

  7. Thanks for the recipe. I remember now, I remember when you posted it the first time. This time I am going to pay more attention and actually make it!

  8. I have naturally curly hair and usually it just dries/scrunches nicley into place(but where it wants to) but just lately I have this one ringlet that falls straight onto my face about where my sidish part is.....and it's driving me nuts!

    And before you ask, I only had a haircut about 3 weeks ago.

  9. Nell's hair is looking pretty fabulous, if that's any consolation.

  10. You know as much as I think Britney Spears completely lost the plot, I can't help but wonder if she was onto something with the whole shaved head and wearing wigs. Surely you can't have a bad hair day with a wig, can you ? Hope your finger is okay x

  11. Googles and gloves? I assume some heavy lifting into a swimming pool was required... OR he's a superhero.

  12. He was definitely a Super-Hero. And his super power was karate based which is why he needed gloves; for all the chopping.

  13. Happy birthday Nell!

    Don't you love the six-ish dressing up regime? The IP dresses up at any opportunity - usually with several changes.

  14. Sod's law on the hair. I trust is has now curled back nicely.

    I do love the dressing up.

  15. I've always wanted someone who would come and style my hair every morning. When your hair feels fabulous YOU feel fabulous. At the moment my hair is lank and dank and skank. Bleh.

  16. Happy Birthday Nell! What a fabulous cake... and fabulous super heroes. I'm red-penning Tracey's googles and gloves and noting it should be goggles and gloves. But googles and gloves has potential....

  17. Belated Happy Birthday Nell!! Yay for cake!

  18. Recently I had an epiphany: 98.45% of the time (I just made that number up), people don't know if you're having a bad hair day. They really have no idea what your hair is supposed to look like. So go with it.

    Also, just in case I haven't pointed this out before, you have an enviable figure. You could come out of the house with toilet paper streaming off your head and you'd still look great.


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