Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Got the sun in the morning and the moon at night

Joining in once more with the What's Hot and What's Not Wednesday from Loobylu.

What's Not:

Kids without manners. I had to take one to task recently for speaking rudely to me in my house. I said, fairly mildly, do you think that is a good way to speak to someone else's mummy? and he looked shamed and said No. Then I said When you come to my house you speak nicely to me. Not that he was that bad, just he spoke to me like I was his mother and I'd said something stupid to him. My kids aren't allowed to take that tone with me, buggered if I'll put up with other people's children doing it. I think I'm putting a blanket ban on playdates on the nights I teach tap, otherwise I can't quite shake off my irritation in time to be fresh and smiling for class. Unless I know the other child is well-mannered, obviously.

What's Hot:

Finally getting round to buying frames so that I can display some new artwork, including the Judy Horacek print from my siblings (over 2 years ago!) and this lovely photograph sent to me by the talented and generous Mary. Isn't it divine? I can't tear my eyes away from it.

blossom photo 869

Having a cleaning lady. It's so ace I can't believe it. People keep asking me is she good? and I have to say that actually I did a better job. But she is lovely, she charges less than anyone else I know of and the point is I Don't Want To Do It so I don't actually care if stuff is gleaming. It's clean, that's good enough. Also. When I floated the cleaning lady argument with Fixit ages ago I mentioned that not having to do the fortnightly toilet cleaning/vacuuming drudgery would free up my time and energy so that I would finally get around to neglected tasks like sorting out cupboards and boxes and stuff. I wasn't actually sure if this would be true, but turns out I was right, and nasty corners of my home are being put right, bit by bit. (By the by, I've just re-read that post with the excellent Get-The-Cleaning-Lady comments you all left and have the biggest smile now. You guys rock.)

loungeroom 877

The Guy. My Mac computer died but one word to The Guy and I have a newer improved G5 Mac with all the stuff from the G4 and lots of new space and gizmos, in return for some tap tuition for his charming son. Gotta love The Guy. And the barter system.

Spring! Sunshine and drying the laundry in one day and smelling honeysuckle when I get to tap and cutting lovely roses from our garden.

garden roses 879


  1. Seriously? You only have to hoover every week or so at your house? *le sigh* You don't have three dogs living with you do you?

  2. Glad to see there's more hot than not.

    I too have got around to framing things this week - but I haven't hung anything yet. Must take these things in stages! But the framing is quite satisfying on its own.

  3. And your camera. I love the flower photo.

  4. I live on my own and I still have to vacumn (hoover) every week. What's going on?

    I can only dream of a cleaner...

  5. Your house is SPARKLING! Mine is FERAL at the moment...

  6. I want a cleaner.

    I'm not going to comment on the rest because now I am sulking.

  7. When I was a wee lass a lovely lady at my office told me that I had to decide NOW whether I would clean my own house or pay someone else. She said if you can pay it out of your first pay packet you'll always just accept it as a normal cost of living. Like double coat tim tams. Except just a tad more expensive. Unless you eat a lot of double coat tim tams.

    So I got a cleaner.

    No they don't clean as well as you would. But I HATE cleaning so I just don't care. Good on you for winning the battle.

  8. I'm with you on the kids + manners thing.

    And the cleaning lady....but I haven't done it YET.

    And NOW I've got that sunny little song stuck in my head...thanks very much!

  9. I'm glad things are working out so well!

    And the roses - oh, the roses...

  10. go you on the rude kid with no manners front.. I would certainly have taken the same tack. Manners cost nothing but mean the world!

  11. I'm glad there are still people like you [and Lily!] teaching their children manners, because the number of bratty children on the loose, with their parents blessing, is appalling! Or am I just turning into a cantankerous old biddy?

    Thanks for the reminder about those hideous corners where junk hides and then has babies! I'm on it!

  12. I have no trouble telling off other people's children. (I make my living from it, after all!!)

    I have decided that I'm going to get a cleaning lady too. After 6 years of full-time work I'm tired of having so much of my weekends spent either cleaning, or feeling guilty because I'm NOT cleaning. Just have to get organised and find one...

  13. Ahhh. A cleaner. I can't believe what you just said! I have to vaccum every day! The bloody dog. That's it, I'm getting rid of her.
    I would have told the kid off as well.

  14. I *love* having a cleaning lady! Ours is every two weeks, but WOW, it really does help out. I've now managed to do a toy bin clean-out, top-shelf dusting AND cleaned the ceiling fans!

    I'm noticing that your "What's Hot" far outweigh your "What's not." That's a bonus.

  15. Oh yay, you got a cleaner! You so deserve one.

    We got a cleaner again about 2 months ago, and I swear I want to ring her with my effusive thanks every time I come home after work to clean floors and white sinks.

    I'm with you on the manners thing. I'm a 'please and thank-you' Nazi, in particular, and I have been known to gently 'encourage' other peoples kids in this regard (only when their parents aren't around of course!)

    Have a fabulous Friday and a wicked weekend :-)

  16. Kids without manners. Hate that.
    I just got back from reading in the Grade 1 class. In a class of 20 I corrected about six of them for saying "what?". Basic stuff!
    Pisses me off.
    Having said that, mine aren't perfect. Eldest has eye rolling down to an art.

  17. I dream of a cleaning lady!! Sigh... I have to content myself with a semi-cleaning GOM. I know his sight is failing, so I pretend not to see the dust in the corner..

    My utter favourites- Yellow Roses!


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