Thursday, May 06, 2010

Garbage Juice

Mister Fixit and I hardly ever go on dates at the moment, but we did manage to get out during April to see a Comedy Festival show: Lover, Fighter, Dancer by Sarah D.

Nell was Le Babysitter (her rates are VERY reasonable) and Fixit and I took a tram into the city on a Saturday night, and saw the show at the Eurotrash Bar. It was a good laugh, and made me think that someone ought to give her her own television show, only our tiny television industry doesn't really work like that. Then we ate a pretty average meal in Chinatown (it was a Japanese meal, maybe that was the problem? Actually, I don't think I've ever eaten well in Chinatown, someone needs to tell me where to go next time), before tramming it home again. All in all, a good night out, even if we were home by 10.45pm. I can sit up at the computer till midnight, but drag me out on the town and my face is splitting with yawns by 10pm. Sad.

The reason we did actually haul our arses out was because we knew the girl doing the show, and because our children were in it. Well, when I say in it, what I mean is: it was a skit-based show, so in between skits when the performers were madly doing costume changes, she screened pre-recorded comedy advertisements, mostly crazy info-mercials.

Our kids were in the ad for Garbage Juice. It was pretty funny, and fairly disgusting. The version shown here is the family friendly one, the proper show-version featured some rather less savoury items in the garbage (hint, think iron and protein but I'll leave that to your imaginations.)

I of course thought the boys were completely adorable in it, and nearly burst with pride when we saw it. I only just restrained myself from digging nearby audience members in the ribs to tell them they'd just watched my progeny. Hey, I'd had a few wines by then. But this afternoon when I screened a copy of it for the kids to see, Cherub covered his face in embarrassment and then burst into tears. Climber liked it though.


  1. Academy Award winning EWWWWW! from Cherub, if you ask me. He should hold his head up high and start composing an acceptance speech.

    So love it that you got to label your post 'stage mother'...

  2. Don't worry about the Garbage Juice, I'd be more concerned about the uncooked chops served up on those dinner plates!

    Stellar performances by Cherub and Climber!

  3. I feel a bit sick.

  4. Awesome! Stellar performances by your young men. Oh. Wait. Fairlie already said that.

    I confess that when the narrator was going over the list of the components of the garbage juice, I was thinking "why not toss this stuff in a worm bin or a compost pile?"

  5. that is so much fun...sorry the meal was average. It is so disappointing, isn't it? When you have one meal out once every blue moon, and it isn't so good.

  6. I love your stage mother posts, but this one was by far the best.

    Also, the Shark Fin places in Chinatown are good - Shark Fin Inn and Shark Fin House. Owned by the same people.

  7. That is so totally disgusting, but how BLOODY ADORABLE does Cherub look when he is smiling up into the camera?

  8. Too cute - and so well acted!!
    What was it they actually drank????

  9. Matilda: "I think it was funny at the end when Climber and Cherub drank the juice"

    Beth: "I thought the bit that was funny, was when Cherub said Urrgghhh, and when Climber said yum"

    I am a little freaked out by what I think must be Basil purring, as I write this...looking forward to meeting him.

    Also Ash loves Chinatown and eats there all the time apparently, while he's hard at work, dumplings are the go, he says.

  10. Felix: "Good acting, and did you really drink the garbage juice?"

  11. Hmmm, weird noise still going, even after I close your blog, is there a virus that puts snoring noises on your computer?

  12. Dear little Cherub - he's obviously the only member of that family with a working sense of taste. EWWWW! is exactly right!

  13. I too was wondering about the uncooked chops!

    Great performance from the boys there though.


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