Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This is my 10th Mothers Day of being a Mother. Far out, brussel sprout.


These are my special presents. Flowers from Fixit, chocolates, a mobile-phone charm and a bracelet from Climber, and a tea-light candle holder thing and a silk purse from Cherub.


If my children give me a candle-type present I tell them it's lovely. If anyone else gave me a candle-y present I would be very underwhelmed. I might look like a hippie but I'm pretty paranoid about housefires.


Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there, especially Persiflage and Elaine xx.


  1. I love candles as gifts, but I neve actually light them (I have the same house fire paranoia).
    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Very nice cat drawing I see there too. Inspired by Basil?

    Glad you've had a lovely 10th Mother's Day.

  3. Happy Mothers Day.

    We've started lighting candles at dinner, I thought having a bit of ceremony about it all might get the kid sitting up and learning some manners. It sort of works, and we're not leaving the candle unattended, obviously, the kid watches it fascinated.

  4. Nah, candles don't really do it for me. I find myself turning the lights on so I can find stuff!

    Climber looks so much like YOU in that photo!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Our children were obviously shopping at the same Mothers Day stall on Friday. Except I also received a stinky candle and instead of a mobile phone charm I have a plastic crystal keyring. Which shall be lovingly attached to keys until next Mothers Day.

    Far out brussel sprout? Love your style.

  6. Now this really puzzles me: how do you get daffodils in autumn? I know: you Australians have just been kidding us along with this summer-at-Christmas, winter-in-July thing, haven't you? You can't fool me...

    Happy Mother's Day to a lovely mum.

    (That Garbage Juice thing - urgggghh!!)

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you! Eight years of practice for me and I am still getting the hang of eating breakfast in bed with four other people bouncing around asking me if it's ok. How relaxing! ;)

  8. Thanks, Stomper, and the parcel was on the front door this morning. And yes, there was a moth in the pantry on the weekend....

    I watched the Garbage Juice thing just now - total yuk!

    Isabelle, those flowers look like jonquils to me, and they flower much earlier here than do daffs, but are probably greenhouse grown.

  9. loving the cat card. And you know the word verification for this post is 'acemom' - isnt that weird?

  10. A few years ago Conor bought me a tealight holder in the shape of a tea pot. It is incredibly ugly, but every night he asks if we can light it as we have dinner. Of course we do. It's sweet.
    More Basil photos please.

  11. Ah thats cute, you got so spoiled.:)

    Cute kids too.

  12. I like candles, but am paranoid about fire. And my children find it great fun to blow them out. Which makes me nervous.

    Happy Mother's Day!


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