Friday, May 21, 2010

Mad About The Boy

Having the new kitty is, as Jac predicted, making me remember the last kitty, but not in a sad way anymore, which is a good thing. And this is not only because we keep accidentally calling poor Basil Bertie. It's about and because of their differences really; we'll observe that Basil is barely noticeable when he sleeps in our bed and remember that Mister-light-sleeping-Fixit was always having to turf Bertie out because of Bertie's determination to sleep under the doona. Or we'll see how sweet-natured Basil is and remember how Bertie was endearingly a bit of a bad-ass, right from the start. As Basil squirms uncomfortably when we pick him up we'll think back to the way Bertie was completely happy and relaxed lying on his back in our arms.

Suddenly and belatedly I found myself pondering the wisdom of letting myself get attached to another little ball of fur when losing the last one had so totally broken my heart - but by then Basil was in our home and had stolen into my affections without me quite realising. He's just so very sweet you see, and funny, and lovely, and loving. So now we are just relishing having a pet in the family again, and being kept amused by all his little ways.

There's the way he seeks out your lap as soon as you sit down....

Basil helps with homereading 3031

... and the way he goes all ninja when he playfights you (mid-air somersaults or sideways roundhouse kick-pounces, completely hilarious and unexpected).

ninjakitty 2978

There's his predilection for shoes; always either trying to sit on or in between your feet if you stand in front of a heater for long enough or else attacking shoelaces for all he's worth.

And just general cuteness and prettiness, really. This is how I found him when I came home from school drop-off the other day, enjoying a bit of table soccer.

Foosball Kitty 3055

When Bertie disappeared I spent ages listening out for him, hoping to hear the noise of him jumping through the back window. So it is so very nice to have kitty noises in the house again, purrs and thuds, a meow when the fridge is opened, a mad galumphing of small furry feet as he does a psycho-run through the house, legs skidding out the side from under him as he flails madly round the corner, all these things we missed since Bertie went away. I think my favourite noise is the cat-induced laughter in the house, especially when he play-fights us, because then what I hear is ha ha ha Ow.

ha ha ow 3020


  1. Oh geeze, I am nearly crying, which is complicated, seeing how I am in the office at work today!

  2. Basil seems to have settled in with you all very quickly. He is very evidently gorgeous. But what gave him the idea he could sleep in your bed?

  3. Well it seemed cruel to make him sleep alone when we'd just ripped him away from his mother and family.

  4. So cute! My cats can sleep in our bed if they want. They mostly don't want.

  5. and *tsk* Aunty, blog-reading at work.

  6. I recognise so much of this, espt the hahahah Ouch! bit.
    Having Tigger reminds us of our Small too, sad but good, yep.
    And Basil, Sooooooooooooo cute!

  7. mr basil looks and sounds like a honey - and i can't imagine my bed without a cat in it :)

  8. Happy memories make it worth the attachment.

  9. All this sounds like proper Good Kitten Bonding Behaviour.

    Bertie knew this too. And now Basil has learnt it. Love is always tied up with a little bit of pain/grief.

    ha ha ha Ow - that's hilarious.

  10. Blog reading at work? The only time I have time to read blogs is when I'm at work! Conversely, I sometimes take a day off when I'm too busy to go to work. (Or if there's a sale on I want to get to early - that may or may not have happened this week).
    Bertie is adorable. I love ninja fighting kitties. Your boy is just beautiful. May I come for a visit one day? Please?

  11. I would never sleep if there were a cat in my bed. Though I'm sure the cats would be delighted to be there.

    Getting told off by your mum via blog... that's a modern way to do it.

  12. He is adorable. I love that last photo of Climber, laughing and ouch at the same time!

  13. Ha! Just read Persiflage's comment. Maybe he'll want to sleep with his Grandma Persiflage when she next comes to stay....?

  14. so not showing Margot this post - she will be lusting after a Basil cat - a bit like me

  15. what a beautiful cat, love the tale too, Having a pet is both sweet and sad, i too can remember fondly pets that have gone on before, Having kitties in the house is so much better than without.

  16. They are all so different. Basil looks very handsome, & I can relate to the antics. Morty is quite aloof at night- we dont get many visits from him.
    He loves Leo, & they are good playmates. If we have visitors he shows off just like a child!

  17. Awww, he's gorgeous. No one understands that broken heart until they've experienced it-- I am so sorry for your loss. My poor parents lost their little dog of 16 years this weekend. Absolutely devastated my dad.

    Listen to my gloomy comment!

    I want to trade you football tables. Even though yours says Australia, it's our Norwich City colours :-)


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