Sunday, July 23, 2006


While Mr. Fixit went to the chiropractor, we went to the park and enjoyed a bit of sunshine. The Climber has his first wobbly tooth (lower middle left) but its not really very wobbly yet. Nevertheless here is a photo of the full set of baby teeth for posterity, we have several years of gappy smiles to look forward to now. The poor lad is having friendship issues, and it's awful. He had a very unhappy play on Friday after school (there were 3 of them which was always going to be a tricky dynamic because of the 2-against-1 thing : guess who was the 1?) which degenerated into fisticuffs and resulted in the Climber crying for quite a long time afterwards and declaring that the other boys were stupid and idiots and that he didn't want them at his birthday party (which is not till next year!) I don't remember my childhood very well but I do recall quite clearly the awfulness of friend problems, and I'm thinking now after the slyfoot3 debacle that the agony of it never gets easier to deal with. Because I think the slygirls are stupid and idiots (but I would probably express it a bit more colourfully these days!) and I definitely don't want them at my next birthday party! Actually I don't want to talk about my next birthday party ...

A little treat at the shopping centre, and I think they liked it even though they looked totally solemn for most of the ride. Got a smile from the Climber for this pic. It plays the Thomas theme song as it goes along and whistles, and you get to wave at shoppers. Fun.

How good is the new Doctor Who? Very excited at the prospect of Sarah Jane and K9 next week. Also really liking Bleak House but get very distracted by trying to work out who the actors are because every well-known performer in the UK is in it. Took me two whole episodes to correctly identify Pauline Collins which is mortifying but the grey hair threw me off!

Apparently where I sit when we go to the pool (on the steps at the side) is the roof. So says the Cherub.

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  1. Oh goodness, I love Dr Who - think that I am going to twist someone's arm to buy me the DVDs of this series, love the new Dr, and can't tape it as video player on the blink.

    who is the anonymous person who is sending you links. Is it someone creepy, or someone we know?


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