Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Cherub's Day

The Cherub was at creche today. We're driving home, and I'm asking his big brother the Climber about school when a little voice pipes up.

Cherub: Max hit Timberley in the face
SG: Max hit Kimberley* in the face?
Cherub: Yeah. And Timberley drumpy wis him.
SG: Kimberley was grumpy with him? Did she say No Hitting Max
Cherub: Yeah. And Max cried.

Fast forward to later tonight. Both boys have been in bed for 30 minutes.Climber has crashed out immediately (school is very tiring). Cherub is taking his sweet time about falling asleep. He calls me. He needs a drinky watter. Fixit comes in too because he loves this time when Cherub is placid and adorable.

SG: You tell Fixit. What did Max do to Kimberley at creche?
Cherub: Max hit Timberley in the head wis a spade.
SG: Was Kimberley cross?
Cherub: Yeah. And she say No Hitting Max (pointing his own little fat finger, emphasising each word)
SG: And what did Max do?
Cherub : He have to say sorry to Timberley. Max cried. And Max sit.
SG: And were you grumpy today Cherub?
Cherub: Yeah. I sad.
Fixit: Were you grumpy?
Cherub: (points to his eyebrow) Yeah. And dis go down. (pushes eyebrow down to show us)
Fixit & SG : (exchange doting glances with each other)
Cherub: (by this time standing up in his cot and feeling pretty pleased with himself for keeping us in there, embellishes the "grumpy" face by frowning the eyebrows , closing his eyes and smiling his widest cheeky grin)
Fixit & SG : Good night Cherub.

Recorded for posterity because I just want to remember these moments when he's a surly, smelly teenager.

*Creche carer. Lovely girl. Cherub adores her.


  1. How sweet! I love it when kids start talking about their day...

    How old is the cherub? He's adorable!

  2. aww he is soo cute! I love their language and mispronounciations.
    And have to confess I've been trying to do his grumpy eyebrows, closed eyes and cheeky grin!

  3. i totally see why you call him cherub!

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL boy! Love the bottom photo :)
    ps thanks for the "beat the Heat" instructions!!! Love the icecream suggestion.

  5. Excuse my melty puddle all over the place...

    AWWWWwwwwWWW !!
    And Cherub .. aint so hard to see how you named him. Both of your boys are adorable. They will be stinky teenagers one day ? Gah!, that's horrible and inconceivable !

    And Max really went the hack .. with a SPADE ? .. or did this story get embellished because there was so much parental interest in it ? :)

  6. what a gorgeous gorgeous child you have - and how cute is mr fixit with his little man!?! naughty Max and the spade!

  7. Plastic spade!!! But yes, naughty Max and I'm pretty sure its true H&B. I don't think Cherub's up to improving the story yet, he's still a cub reporter.

  8. Thank you for stopping by today!

    I clicked on your link and the first thing I saw was a gorgeous little Cherub - what lovely eyes!

    I like the idea of recording such conversations as well; assume it will give us all nice things to focus on when they're telling us how unreasonable we're being about, well, everything, when they're bigger. ;-)

  9. What a sweetie. Aren't your children lovely?

    But he won't necessarily become surly and smelly. My boy has always been a joy. Totally unbiased opinion... But he has. When he was little, I used to think: must appreciate all these cuddles because he won't want to cuddle me when he's a big boy. But he's 22 now and he still does! (So do my girls, but that's not so unexpected, or at least, not to me.)

  10. Thanks all for nice Cherub comments.

    Isabelle - that is so nice to hear that boys don't have to be revolting when they get older!! Fingers crossed then.

  11. My eldest is funny about letting me kiss and hug him in the school playground, but at home he's fine. And not the least smelly.

    The other two are still huggable and equally sweet smelling.

    See, there's hope!

    (Mine: all boys, aged 12, 10 and 7)

  12. Thankyou Suse. If possible, I'd like similar reassurance from you in 5 years time?

  13. Ah, too cute. Please Cherub, be good to your parents always!


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