Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Happy me, Stomper Girl. As opposed to happy mother of gorgeous children or contented in my personal life. Because I did something quite cool today and it went well and I'm quite excited. Me, in my professional capacity. A guest artist.

I am not above grumbling its not what you know but who you know when I think someone undeserving has got a gig that I might have done. But I am also quite happy to benefit from the same system, believe you me. Having my cake and eating it too. That was me today.

I was a bit nervous but they were all so nice. Took a few takes. Completely dried up on the first one!

But I think it sounds good!
*pleased wriggle and happy smile*


  1. Go you!! My sense of rhythm would have you in hysterics, so I bow in your direction, oh Great Tappy One.

  2. Hey sis, what were you doing? Is that Mick thomas in one of the photos? Tell tell. Sounds like went v. well though, which is v.good.

  3. OK. Does this mean you did some tapping that was recorded for some purpose? Whatever, it all looks very PROFESSIONAL and I loved looking at the pics. Good on YOU!

  4. Congrats!! You go girl.
    Look at those amazing calves.

  5. Stompergirl, you funky woman, you.

    Is that the Lovely Trish?

  6. That's so cool! Can we hear it?!

  7. Fantastic. And, proving once again what a details person I am, look at that calf muscle!! I'll have two please!


  8. The cd (featuring my tapping feet on one track, lovely song by the way) won't be out for a while so I'll do another post when its a concrete thang. But it was very exciting to do.


    Thanks for the calf comments :-) They were quite sore by the end of that day. Had to teach the same night.

  9. Remember my name,

    FAME !

    I'm goona live forever .. light up the sky like a ...

    those calves are rather good.

    Perhaps I should tap.
    After this wine ... tapppitty-tap-tap-tap

    ( P.S. - one of my earliest memories: being P.O'd at my mum for NOT letting me wear my tap shoes down the street after class.
    Apparently they used to put me down the back and I was quite un-co.
    Typical ;)

  10. goona live forever ?

    goona ?

    Lets try another wine ..

  11. H&B - I would of course recommend tap for lovely legs but I don't generally recommend wine before tap. Although. Had an adult tap student once who could not do the end-of-year show unless she'd had half a tab of valium. And numerous others who required champagne to get over their stage-fright. They were the ones with the really big smiles, making all the fuck-ups.

    I think I'm goona have some wine now too hehehe


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