Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where's My Floor?

I take my hat off to anyone who has FOUR kids under the age of 6! We are enjoying a visit from my sister and her 2 kids (nearly 5 and 18 months) and its lots of good fun, but seriously. Where is my floor? Actually, don't bother. When you clear away the toys and crap that are covering it you can see how dirty it is.

Fixit and I are minding all 4 of them today & Tuesday while my sister lugs her enormous camera out to the races to take (professional) photos of the horseys. The hardest part for me is being in charge of her eldest, who has diabetes. Just because its an extra worry, in that we have to keep an eye on his sugars and try to make sure he doesn't go into a high or a low. And we know what to do really, and he's terrific about all the testing and stuff but I just get anxious. I want to prick the poor kids finger every half hour, just to double-check. I restrain myself!

And on top of the kiddie-chaos, our hot water service went phut this morning. So the landlords came round and to their credit, we now have a new one (same day installation, that's pretty good service) but now our floor is even dirtier because of the initial leak and the subsequent removal of the clapped out system. I hate it when the landlords come over and the house is a shit-heap. Which it is because I didn't mop last night because I thought sweeping was enough effort seeing as they'll all just trash it tomorrow and we couldn't do dishes this morning because no hot water plus four young kids eating and playing equals M.E.S.S. I'm sure the landlords will go back to their immaculate (I'm talking plastic covers still on their lounge furniture - seriously) house and whinge about their feral tenants. But what can you do? Oh and Mrs Landlord tried to insinuate it was our fault the hot water went, because the system wasn't that old so maybe we were using it too much? Hello?

Climber took a little moment in the sun yesterday morning at school because we took his cousins into class for roll-call and he got to stand up and introduce them. And then all the Prep T kids said hello to them both, very politely and enthusiastically. Sweet.


  1. I feel for you Stomper Girl!
    My daughter has the same problems with renting. Her landlord is a HandyMan- who can fix most things.
    But 'things' have a way of going phut when other 'things' are a tad messy!

    Nice that you have your sister & kids to stay, though.

  2. I tried to post a comment three times last night! Blogger was being a bugger :-)

    It is never a good time for the water heater to go! Though, I've been thinking of replacing ours with a gas one - hot water as you go sort of thing. Now that's decided I'm sure our current tank will last forever!

    It looks like climber was very happy with his "show and tell".

  3. Don't you love it when landlords make you feel bad because something that they're responsible for costs them money? Like, what is it exactly that all the cash you're giving them every month is for?

    I'm so tired of renting. And I expect to be for the rest of my life.

  4. "...Mrs Landlord tried to insinuate it was our fault the hot water went, because the system wasn't that old so maybe we were using it too much?"

    What does she expect - you're going to take the kids outside and hose them down each night?? For goodness sakes, people can be stupid sometimes! I feel for you.


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