Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fine thankyou, apart from the following

List of ailments in this abode over the last week and a half.

UTI : Me (caused by this, in other words sex is bad for you)
Mild Kidney Infection : Me (because my little UTI had delusions of grandeur and wandering feet)
Thrush : Me (Caused by antibiotics to treat the previous 2 complaints)
Flu : Cherub and me (but I got it more severely due to being weakened by previous attacks on my immune system and a visit from "Aunt Irma")
Moderate Gastro?/ Food Poisoning? : Fixit (only rotten for one day- but insisted on soldiering on at work. Like he gets paid enough to do that!)

and to cap it all off...

the crowning glory...

Headlice : the Climber

I'm sure we'll all get it though. As will my visiting sister and her 2 kids. Does anyone else get an itchy head just reading or hearing the word headlice?

Unbelievably, after all these years in childcare and kinder, this is the first time our kids have had nits. I had to treat with what we had to hand, which was a really old bottle of KP24 shampoo (probably made from Agent Orange), a pretty decrepit old fine-tooth comb, and a bucketload of conditioner which I've been told to leave in as it stuns the little critters.

So I've been told tea-tree oil is the go and Kirsty recommends the robicomb. Time to go shopping!!!

scratch, scratch, scratch...


  1. Yeah, my EXTENSIVE experience has proved that you practically need agent orange to kill them. Robicomb them, I say. Let the little suckers FRYYYYYYY! Fry, I tell you! Bwah hah ha haaaa!

  2. LIce is going around lola's creche also...grrr. Which is why she has been turning up with Rudy Huxtable hair this week....

    And yes the thought of it makes my head itch.

  3. Groaning - the bane of my life ever since the Pea Princess hit school... four years ago.

    It makes me tired just thinking how many billion lice and eggs I've combed from the three, only to have them go back and mingle with UNtreated children. (Ok, Now I'm tired AND angry!)

    But back to you - you poor, poor thing: I have been through exactly that sequence several times - including the complication of the arrival of Aunt Irma (you were watching the IT Crowd this week, weren't you?!)

  4. Kirsty - The robicomb was a bit beyond my means today; its obviously a long term investment! Although I just spent more than I planned to on a new comb and other lotions!
    Shannon - go the Rudi Huxtable hair!
    Bec - oh yes, the IT crowd. Not as good as Absolute Power but quite amusing.

  5. That week and half does not sound pleasant at all. I have yet to jump through the lice hoop yet, touch wood. And yes I did scratch my head as soon as you mentioned it. I escaped childhood without having to do battle with them; but I don't think that will be the case with my own two girls.

    As to the cascading effect of UTI, antibiotics and thrush; be careful to fully treat the thrush at the site and the gut. Some acidopholus yoghurt and yakult drinks are good for this.

  6. Is Aunt Irma related to Aunt Flo?

    Cos if so, I think we're making like nuns here and all menstruating together in the blogosphere.

    (Of course if Aunt Irma is someone entirely different, I'm now roolly roolly embarrassed).

  7. Nutmeg : yep, yoghurt and cranberry juice are my friends! Unlike conjugal rights.
    Suse: You crack me up! Yes, different name, same euphemism. I hope you find your inner graceful too.

  8. Hope things are soon back to 'normal'!
    I never had lice, nor did my children, but AAG had them several times over! Damn things. I even rang one of the companies that produces a 'remedy' to have a piece of them about the uselessness of said product, AND I complained to Fair Trading about them.
    Yep, I can be a right cranky old B if I get my mad up!!

  9. KP24, every time. The medicated lotion - NOT the shampoo (which is only supposed to be used as a preventative, whatever that is).

    If you want them dead, that is.

    I am a master at this, to the point where all the nitty kids would run up to me in the playground and ask me to treat them.

    The mothers who used lavender and olive oil? I want them dead.

  10. As you were at the Zoo on the weekend, I assume you are ALL better? I thought I'd commented on this post, but obviously not. Belated sympathies :-)


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