Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gratuitous David Beckham photo

I'm sure I could find far worthier things to be outraged about in this day and age. But today I choose ... shallow.

If Victoria Beckham chooses to turn herself into a toothpick in designer threads, I suppose that is her prerogative.

But how dare she pretend to also have a rounded luscious arse?

That woman weighs, I would say, a good 20kg less than me and she is packing more back than I got.

Posh, if you want a bum like that you should choose food, not Photoshop.

To bring some much-needed depth to this post I will now include two worthwhile links. This one was posted a little while ago by Kirsty : a great example of the sort of treatment Posh would need to get that bottom.

And this one, based on the same theme of real beauty. But I warn you it will probably make you cry.


  1. Oh that little girl one makes me cry every time I watch it! I think we are becoming harder and harder to dupe.

  2. Posh has no arse, she's often banging on about the fact ( is that even Posh ... looks more like one of his Spanish .. um ... conquests .. )

    I even read about her designing some jeans to enhance the booty of gals that have none.

    Unfortunately, they did nothing for her....

  3. Oh that ad gave me goosebumps...and they're still here a few minutes later. It's so sad that we are so misguided in our quest for what is beauty...because it always changes.

    People like Posh ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Perhaps it's my American provincialism, or maybe the fact I'm addled by a Y chromosome but c'mon, people...we're talking about a @#$%ing Spice Girl.

    Maybe it's both my provincialism AND chromosome.


  5. Well, I did say this would be a shallow post...
    But the Spice Girls were all about "Girl Power" and you can be great just being yourself!
    Apparently once you become a WAG you have to become impossibly thin and coiffed.
    And I still maintain she can't have it both ways. You should earn those sort of curves, not paint them on when suddenly photographed from behind.

  6. shit that did make cry. I loathe the current fads in beauty that are so consuming and in your face, and if you happen not to be skinny, tall, etc etc you feel inferior. And I really don't buy into all these bullying tales that supermodels tell of their school days.

  7. SG,

    This whole thing presupposes an interest in, and knowledge of, the Spice Girls which I have failed to attain, on the strength of having been busy that day.


  8. Is that even Posh? I know the bottom half is suspect but the top half doesn't look like here either... Maybe it's the nanny!!

  9. Well, there you go. She's photoshopped herself so much you can't even tell it's her.
    Speaking of their personal staff, I have 3 degrees of separation from the Beckhams. My cousin used to share a house with Rebecca Loos when she was working for them. And she says Rebecca is a top girl.
    Has anyone noticed how the line of Posh's spine doesn't match her*crack*?

  10. She's an absolute waste of oxygen. In fact she is one of those people that is doing harm by just being on this planet.

    Think of all the wonderful opportunities they have to make a change to people's perceptions and ways of thinking because of their wealth and position, but all they do is spend money, perpetuate damaging sterotypes, and generally use up precious resources that could be better spent on ANYTHING else.

  11. With two daughters of my own and having suffered from an eating disorder for many years in my late teens/early 20s (I'm lucky to be alive) this topic is VERY close to my heart.


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