Sunday, November 05, 2006

Zoo Sunday

Animals seen:
  • some big cats
  • turtles
  • the seals
  • the bears (getting jiggy with each other, oh look sweeeties, the bears are having a lovely cuddle)
Children mislaid:
  • Only my two, at separate intervals, and neither for very long...

Other fun :
  • The carousel. I wouldn't do the dodgem cars at the Royal Melbourne Show but I enjoyed the pace of this ride..
More pics here.


  1. My eldest asked me yesterday if we could go to the zoo or the museum or 'somewhere that's actually important and interesting for a change...'

    But we didn't.

    Looks like our weather was very different to yours today: I'm envying your sunshine while I look at our sideways rain!!

  2. 'Somewhere important'. Bec's kids crack me up.

    Did you see the otters? A zoo visit ain't the same without the otters.

    I miss the zoo; we used to live around the corner and went there at least once a fortnight ... you know, because we at the House of Soup do Important and Interesting Things, Bec.

    (Sorry Stomper, didn't see you there).

  3. Thanks to the Pea Princess, I now feel like such a good parent, and as if we've achieved something kulch-eral! Rather than just getting out of the domestic bombsite to tire out the littlies.
    I love the otters. But we came in via the back entrance today so we visited different critters.

  4. I love the Zoo !

    We watched some elephants get randy last time .. it was .. um .. interesting ... He was keen, she not so much.

    And once I saw a zebra ...

    Anyway, my Zoo memories are obviously less about culture and more about apenditures. Classy.

    I once watched an Illama vomit up a whole apple, then tuck right in again. These my friends, are memories of distinction ...

  5. Zoo stories are inevitably good for a laugh! Last time we went, with AAG, who was Quite Young Granddaughter then, we had more laughs than she did! She did love the Ferry rides though! We live in Sydney so took the rail/ferry option to get there.

    I have always loved Carousels.

  6. Great Pics.

    Zoo on the agenda our way too. Taronga has just taken delivery of the elephants for their new enclosure I hear.

    Like Meggie, I love the carousel :-)

  7. And the platypussery?? Hee hee ... I love the sound of the platypussery at the Melbourne Zoo!! Yeah, juvenile, I know.
    Lovely photos and I to love a good carousel :)


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