Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey Jude

Our boys have many good friends in their life.
Jude is one of them.

Jude is in the boys' extra-good books this month, because she was kind enough to send them a copy of the dvd of Cars. Jude quite often sends them cool presents like this, because not only is she a very kind and thoughtful person, she is also quite well connected in the relevant trade.

So lately we've been obsessed with all things racecar in our house. All the matchbox cars we own are on the floor or being clutched by a small pair of hands when we leave the house.

The artwork has changed.



The games have changed. There seems to be a constant hum of screeching tires or crash noises emanating from one or both of them. Somtimes they race each other on foot, or on the bikes outside. Other times they sprawl on the floor and let the matchboxes do the talking. Climber can quote quite large chunks of Cars dialogue verbatim.

It's been what you might call a smash ! Many, many thanks to Jude for making 2 little wheels-freaks very happy.


  1. Oh - that is so funny !! We too have been watching "Cars" here this week. My mum's here and she *luffs* movies, so we've been watching all kinds of stuff ( Monsters Inc was also a hit, as was Toy Story II ).

    CUTE drawings ( and cute kid pics to boot ! )

  2. I am going to shoot the first person who identifies themselves as working for/owning, whatever, bloglines. I have missed three of your posts! It's a bit late in the evening now, but I will be back to read through everything tomorrow. Very annoyed.

    Your kids are absolutely georgous, btw :-)

  3. Georgous is even better than gorgeous! I'm going to go to bed to sleep right now.

  4. Bloglines has been weird. I cancelled all my subscriptions that were showing a red exclamation mark in the top right of the window and re-subscribed where I could to the "rss" feed instead of the "atom.xml" and this solved it for nearly everyone. Allegedly it is fixed now, but I still have a couple of problem feeds


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