Monday, May 28, 2007

It's all go around here.

Party update. Here's a sneak preview of my frock, purchased from one of Melbourne's famous shopping strips, Bridge Road in Richmond. The indefatigable Elda traipsed around with me in her high heels (she swears it's comfortable) for 4 hours until we had a winner. The woman should be a professional shopper - the company is fantastic and the eye for what will be a possibility is unerring.

Here's our noticeboard at the moment. RSVPs still trickling in.

Here are some party decorations in progress. Nell and I found pre-cut stars at Officeworks, which will be threaded on fishing line and hung from the rafters. Nell and Steve have also been to Bunnings Hardware for fairylights, Elda found some purple fabric for $2 a meter, and we're all unearthing hidden stocks of tea-lights.

Babysitter booked. Organised the catering today (cheap and cheerful), the alcohol & glasses yesterday, and have the name of a recommended teenager to call after school tonight to see if she'll work on the night. Haircut tomorrow. Took Nell frock shopping on Sunday, still need to have a discussion with Fixit re his outfit. Still need to sort out sound equipment and microphone hire.

Are you tired just reading this?

Now for my shorn sheep. Here are some photos (post hair-hack) taken from his little creche excursion to the Melbourne Museum. Twelve little 3-year-old taking the tram to the museum and back, they were so cute.

Cherub is in the middle walking next to Fixit wearing a red and blue hoodie top and beige pants. So that's the back view and you can see that the length looks almost the same, a few straggly bits gone. And below you can see a side/back view. The top layer where I've chopped looks mostly straight now, the underneath untouched bits are where the ringlet action is at.

The thing that concerned me about giving him a haircut was losing the precious curls. This hack job was by way of being an experiment to see if the length of his hair was straightening out the curl and whether it would spring back if we cut it. Well, at the back it looks like the answer is NO! If I cut the curls of from there he will be left with a soft wave and none of the pretty ringlets. I'm not so sure about the front though, it looks like it is slowly twisting itself back into a ringlet.

But anyway. It's made me very reluctant to do any more chopping because I just love the ringlets so much. Even if it does make him look a bit like a girl....


  1. Poppet has curls like that... they'll disappear when I cut them so I'm not going near them! Willow's are here to stay (she has a glorious head of curls). I find it odd how many people say it is lucky she is not a boy with curls because boys can't wear curls... I think the opposite is true!

  2. Every boy should be given the chance to wear pink sequins while they can.

    You look mega-organised for the big party. I'm looking forward to seeing a little more of the frock. Hope that you manage to dress Fixit in an equally tasteful fashion!

  3. Spotted - one bunny plate. Yay for Bunnykins [Royal Doulton]!

  4. lookslike you are ready to go-woohooo and loving cherubs pink ensemble!! Is he going to outshine the birthday girl at the party?????

  5. heh heh Pink sequins.

    My first thought was: oooh, look! A picture to pull out when he starts dating and bringing home girls!

    Because I'm mean like that. ;-)
    (And you should see what I'm 'saving' for MF's dating years!)

  6. Joanne I am definitely not having kids at the party!! Mostly because I want to get roolly drunk and have a great time but also as you say I wouldn't want to risk being outshone by a 3-year-old!

    And Ewe, I plan to use this blog as a potential weapon for the boys' teenage years and am stockpiling as much embarrassment as I can.

  7. How can you exclude the kids from the party when Cherub has gone to such effort in selecting his party frock??

  8. Effort? He didn't even tuck his singlet straps in.

  9. My son B had ringlets like that. Once they were cut off they didnt return...until he grew his hair long again when he was 20, & his partner love them.
    Your dress looks interesting.
    And never mind not having the kids present- they dont have to know everything about you!!

  10. Cherub will definitely be needing some hollywood tape to keep those singlet straps hidden...

  11. Sounds fabo-oh - you're going great blazes, can't wait to hear the aftermath !!

    As for the hair, I should post my cherub-hair, or at least email you.
    I used to have TIGHT blonde Shirly-Temple-curls. My mum loved them.

    By the time I was 5, it was straight and brown and boring.

    HTH :(

  12. Loving the dress.


    You cut the ringlets! Sob. His hair is gorgeous. He still looks very cute. Pink is a good colour for him - sequinned pink is even better!

    You are so incredibly organised for your party. The stars, the tea lights, the fairy's going to be a magical night.

    That frock looks beautiful. Can I see a hint of some roses?!

  13. Oooh, I feel very excited by your party, and it sounds like it is going to look magical! I wish I was coming! I scoured that noticeboard for my name, but alas, it wasn't there.

    The dress pic is a real teaser, my eyes stretched out of my head down into that bag.

    The cherub is gorgeous. Yes the curls are wonderful, but with or without them, that little face would still be as adorable.

    But don't bother sending him to sing to me when I am old! :)

  14. The party sounds like it's going to be fantastic and very pretty :)

    Can't see much of the dress there (you tease!) but I hope we'll get to see lots of pics of it modelled.

    Cherub is so gorgeous. Especially in his dress!

    Chickie had lovely curls (though not ringlets) before his first hair cut, now all gone unless you let it get very long and then all he gets is a soft wave. It changed colour too. Before his first haircut it was jet black, now it's brown with red highlights in the sun (lots of red hair in my family).

  15. Oh I do so love a man in a dress.

  16. My daughters curls disappeared with the first cut never to return. Now she has a curtain of hair that is as straight as a dye and that's o.k. too.
    Glad I'm not the only one with a cross dresser.
    I think it particularly sneaky that you left your frock in the bag! I thought it was come to float out like some techy flicky animated thing!

  17. Wow, busy but organised! Oh how I wish I had those skills. Holly still hasn't had a hair cut (apart from her fringe when she was a bub) and I know as soon as I cut it we'll lose all the blond and the curls. She would be very jealous of the pink sequined dress ... I can just hear her now. I WANT ONE OF THOSE MUMMY!!!!

  18. Yep - must keep those adorable curls. It's a cherub thing.

  19. Sigh! The diva's hair is as blonde as the cherub's but over time the curls have just "dried up". Now it is barely wavy and getting darker. Oh well there are many compensations to kids growing older...

    And the dress - what a tease! A bit of black, a bit of three dimensional doo-dads! My eyesight is failing I can't make out what they are. Can't wait to see a picture of it on - you, not Cherub this time!

  20. The curls are gorgeous - keep them around to admire for a little bit longer. You know the day will come when he will insist on chopping them off. And your party sounds fantastic - the frock looks mysterious :)

  21. Don't know whose frock I like better---yours or cherub's. Maybe his, since I can see it more clearly and he wears it with such panache...


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