Thursday, May 10, 2007

I think I need a lie-down

My head is in such a spin this week, although I think I am now coming out the other side of it. I've been organising in my slightly scatterbrained way a party for someone who has an important birthday coming up in LESS THAN A MONTH! Yes, that's right, Me!

Anyway, so far I have checked off my list the following:
  • Book the Venue (my tap-dancing hall).
  • Book swing-dance teachers.
  • Design & print invitations.
  • Work out guest list.
Still to do:
  • Finish sending out invitations (nearly done).
  • Get hall decorations organised with help from Elda and possibly Nell, although should probably run that past Nell first before I blog it. Oh well.
  • Organise food caterers.
  • Find a gorgeous frock (have had offers from helpful fashion-savvy girlfriends to take me out shopping, excellent!)
  • Organise sound equipment, including microphone.

That's all I can think of so far, can't organise alcohol till the rsvps come in, ditto speeches.

This is all fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants event management, I tells ya! I will be SO glad when it's over.

Oh and I've done an internet wishlist as a present buying guide because I figure it's my equivalent of the Bridal Registry but I can't even begin to tell you how awkward I feel about it all. The idea being that I will be given stuff I like and will use instead of candles and foot lotion, one or both of which I receive Every Birthday and neither of which I use. And thank goodness for girlfriends who are abetting my pragmatic realist side about this because the rest of me feels greedy and bossy, especially when I put in expensive stuff, even though the idea of that is so groups of people can chip in together. And I also must remember to tell Nell that I've appointed her Gift Guidance Officer and Wishlist Co-ordinator - probably should have done that too before I blogged it. Oh well again.

Anyway, in other news around this house :

A superhero helped me bake a cake.

Climber went on a school excursion to the Metanical Gardens (Botanical/Metanical. Whatever.)

I was guest teacher at my friend's tap school on the weekend and had a great time doing it. We all enjoyed it I think or else she just has very polite students - they all came up later and thanked me personally. (Evidently her school is in a very well-brought-up suburb.) It took me an hour and a half in football traffic to get there. But the money earned means I have finally bought new tap shoes and I LOVE them. Aren't they gorgeous? And so comfortable.

Oh yeah. And we've acquired this part-time dog. He just comes and goes when he feels like it, but we've been teaching him new tricks. Today he learnt "beg."

Good dog!


  1. OOH Your children are just SO beautiful.
    Happy Birthday to come!
    The Tap shoes look good.
    Good luck with your Gift Register'.

    We have an 'occasional dog' very similar to the one you have! Sometimes he goes to PreSchool!

  2. I'm glad that you decided to celebrate the magical day with a party.I want to organise one for my daughter before she leaves. Thankfully I have Sussanah because she organises kick-arse parties.

    A dog that can cook cakes - what a well-trained puppy! Tap shoes look tappy.

  3. The party sounds like it's coming together.

    And I really like the wishlist idea. People do get so many wedding and engagement presents that us unmarrieds miss out on, that I think doing a list for a big (sorry) birthday is a great plan.

  4. There's nothing greedy and bossy about a gift's actually very thoughtful. I spend way too much time trying to think of present ideas for people, when that time could be saved, and put to far more productive uses, if they would JUST TELL ME what they want.

  5. Looks like you could tap a whole marathon race in those shoes and not die.


  6. I was going to say ... I LOVE your new picture that goes with your comments (I'm sure there is just one word for that but as usual I don't know it!) - added bonus - you own them!

    Your birthday preparations look like they are really coming along - you are going to have a blast.

    And I'm with you about the self-conscious thing with the present lists but I like 'em when other people do 'em for the same reasons fairlie said!

    And, our "dogs" lick people and climb all over them too - just not when they miraculously turn into cats and then all they want to do is curl up in your lap ;-)

  7. Uli - there are some marrieds among us that didn't get hoards.

    Because of the same embarrassed feelings as Stomper, we didn't get engaged, and weddings these days .. well !!

    If I had my time over, i'd be getting all the gear I should have asked for the first time around, instead of having to break dainty ugly things like "Candy bowls" ( WTF ? ) over the years.

    I could do with some stuff - go the registry, I say. Just say your sister INSISTED on it, Stomps, matey, and you're off the hook in the 'looking greedy' stakes.

    The only person that thinks 'greed' is the asker. Everyone else is relieved they know what to buy. And socks and hampers from the Body Shop = oh yay, thanks. Not.

    Party down :)

  8. Sounds like you're planning a wonderful time. I'm all for the wish list, though like you I hesitate horribly to actually do it. Mike asks what I'd like for my bday and I'm all, "Have no idea" and then disappointed when he gets nothing, or I end up getting something for myself and we call it the present! So go you. P.S. What a lovely pup you have there.

  9. Cute doggy! We have one that occasionally visits as well.

    Did Climber like the Metanical Gardens?

  10. Sounds like you're planning areally fun party!

    Your kids are still Gorgeous!

  11. Who'd you get for the swingdancing?

    I might know them.

    Being the extensively experience swingdance mum that I am.

  12. Sis - for those of us who actually need to refer to said internet wishlist, where does one actually go to FIND it??? If I'm missing something v. obvious, humble, pleading, abject apologies, from your tired stressed out, has a sick horse YET AGAIN costing LOTS, little sister!

  13. You are so organised. truly. I'd be a week off and running around to personally deliver the invitations! (It's happened before!)

    The internet wishlist is a good idea, but I feel your squirm factor - it's a bit difficult, isn't it?

    Am very much looking forward to hearing about the party.

  14. oooh 'mechanical/botanical' had me laughing my head off - they are so cute
    And who doesn't need a superhero to help them bake?!?


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