Tuesday, May 15, 2007

little panic

I am having a bad day. It happens right?

I am worried no-one will want to come to my party.
I am worried no-one will be able to think of nice things to say in the speeches because I am not a very nice person and nobody really likes me.
I am really scared about being 40.
I am having a little meltdown and yes, I am crying. I think this is panic.

But I need to go and clean the toilet before I pick the kids up.

I will probably cheer up soon. Maybe I shouldn't go to the dentist AND do housework on the same day.


  1. Dear Sis

    1. Lots of people will come to your party!
    2. Lots of people think you are ace!
    3. Everyone is scared of turning 40! Me included, and that's still just over 14 months away
    4. Dentists and housework on the same day is a VERY bad idea, and prone to make ANYONE cry and panic!

    love you
    ps - even when you are cranky and impatient, I love you, just like you love me when I am being silly and horse obsessed!

  2. Stomper, stomper, stomper! All will be well :) You are lovable and lovely. Everyone will have a good time, including you *mwah*
    And you'll only be 40 for a year, then it will all be over!

  3. Bless your heart. Yes, it sounds like you're definitely having a rough day and some panic.

    I think people will find nice things to say at your party. I think quite a lot of people like you. I've run across several blogs that have you listed, which made me curious enough that I finally wandered over for a look. True, those are blog friends, which are sort of like pen pals, but it speaks well of you.

    I guess 40 does sound like a scary number, but you aren't really suddenly a year older; you're just one day older. (At least that's what I'm telling myself, having just hit 43.) The 40 thing is more symbolic than anything. It's not like you're a loaf of bread that just hit its expiration date and is due to get thrown out or something.

    If it's really bothering you, why not use it as an excuse to shake things up a bit? Make a list of things you want to do but haven't gotten around to yet, and start going through it.

    That is, after you've gotten a chance to clean the toilet. I don't have any comforting words about that; I only clean the toilet on holidays or when people come over.

    By the way - happy birthday!

  4. Just think positive in your life sis.

  5. You will technically only be one day older than you were when you went to sleep. You will be fabulous and funny, beautiful and clever when you go to bed and when you wake up.

    Put on your tap shoes instead of cleaning and stomp along to happy music.

  6. here here to the last comment. SSSSSooooooo many people will come to your party infact we may even see it on the social pages!!! We are all entitled to several bad days a year - this one is nearly over!

  7. Pish & tosh! Been there, done that! It is true, one day older cant hurt.
    Remember an old song Names Tags Numbers Labels? no? well I do! That's how old I am!
    Who thinks they want to be 64!
    But when you get there 40 seems like infancy!!
    And you are so beautiful, & funny, & pretty & dancy- of course everybody loves you!

    (I noted the sly way your sister rubbed in the fact that she is younger- or do I go to far?)
    Oh & BTW I have done the meme, hope you like it.

  8. repeat after me....
    serenity now
    fucking SERENITY now!!!!

    it will all be good

  9. You poor thing - definitely not a good idea to do housework and the dentist in the same day. In fact there should be a good day or two between them (with lots of pampering in the middle).

    Don't worry about being 40 - truly it's no different to 39 and 364 days.

  10. Oh sweetie !

    You sound like me. Which is why I avoid such things and am now refusing Xmas, from last Xmas in.

    But, I *am* marvellous at supporting those I barely know. You want me to come and punch out some people ?

  11. *hrmpf* *clearing throat*

    "I'd like everyone's attention please! Thank you...thanks.

    It is an honour to give a toast to Stomper Girl on the occasion of her 40th birthday. I have known Stomper for some time now, oooh, about 8 months, and in that time, I have found her to be witty, funny, talented, and very interesting to read.

    She has a beautiful family, great friends, and a very avid fan base on her blog.

    As you all know, she is a wonderful person to know, even though she doesn't think so.

    So, with no futher ado, I'd like everyone to charge their glasses and wish Stomper a very happy birthday, and may the next 40 years not go as fast as the first!


    So there, you don't need anybody to say nice things now, they are already said!

    Have a great party! XXX

  12. Definitely sounds like an panic attack -- what did they give you at the dentist?

    Toilets should only be cleaned when you are in a positive, take on the world mood, otherwise they make you cry.

    Your party is going to be fantastic and so many people will want to say nice things about you that there won't be time to get everyone in... just look at these comments!

  13. Happy Birthday Stomper Girl!

    Stomp it up!

    You will probably wake up the morning after and wonder ...

    "Where did ALL those people come from?!

    The best is yet to come!

  14. I'm not going to lie to you, I found turning 40 seriously traumatic.

    One survives, however.

  15. ps.

    Is it actually your birthday yet?

  16. It is hard to believe that my precious and longed-for first surviving baby is about to turn 40. I am remembering the 4 days labour, the safe birth of my daughter four and a half weeks early, and my immense joy and love for you when I held you in my arms.
    So here you are still organising and setting the agenda. It is sure to be a wonderful celebration - nothing is better than being together with those whom you love, and who love you.

  17. I won't lie to you either. I found Shula's turning 40 incredibly traumatic also.

    I was too busy planning something deranged to notice mine.


  18. Sadly, I live halfway around the world because otherwise I would love to come to your party.

    And you're definitely not the only one who can't figure out how 40 is suddenly upon you? I don't feel like I'm going to be 40 at the end of the year! How did this happen?!?

    I hope your day takes a turn for the brighter!

  19. claps hands, stomps feet and cheers wildly at the end of Aunty Evil's speech.

    You are going to have a fantastic birthday with a wonderful party and fabulous guests.

    Now if you will do housework make sure you have your floral pinny on, a pair of cute fuzzy mules with heels and kick back with a martini cocktail and forget the actual cleaning bit.

  20. Take deep calming breaths! Don't invite worries that may never come to fruition.

  21. Oh you foolish thing!

    Didn't anyone tell you to be careful not to get the fumes from the toilet cleaner in your eyes?

    I'm SURE that's the problem!

    You are lovely and gracious and energetic and wonderful.
    You make 40 look good and I want to be that full of life when I hit the magic age too.


  22. I wish I could come to your party! All I need is a round-trip ticket!

  23. I think you are lovely!

    and your knitting looks fabulous!

    (Next Door Mum)


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