Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Owner of a bleeding heart.

Here is the Climber pictured with his autobiography from the Open Morning at school today. I've been helping out in the classroom with these so I've been aware of what's gone into them, and have to admit to feeling some disappointment in the Climber's answer to the question what would you like to be or do when you grow up? Fixit and I were kinda hoping that he could be a well-paid high-flyer of some sort to make up for the shortfall in our superannuation plans. Premier-league footballer and prize-winning author have been bandied about from our end. But for the last month while this autobiography project has been going on, Climber has stuck to his guns. What he would like to be when he grows up is ...

... "a Shop-Keeper."

Of course being a kind mother I have never suggested that I wasn't that enamoured of his choice of profession. BUT!! I cynically suspected his motives to be based on a desire to have lots and lots of lollies at his disposal, all day every day. Silly me. I forgot about my child's kind, kind heart! I forgot that 2 days ago we'd read an amusing book about a Dad who embarrassed his kids by making duck noises when he dropped them off at school and when the Mum in the story said he couldn't take the kids anymore because of the embarrassing duck noises the Dad got all indignant and ran out of the house just wearing a bathtowel (post-shower) quacking like a duck, so the family locked him out of the house in the rain with only his towel on until he promised never to quack like a duck, and I forgot this story made the Climber burst into tears because he was so worried about the Dad in the story and say it was the worst book he'd ever read.

This is why the Climber wants to be a shopkeeper:

However, lest you think I am raising a potential saint, I will also throw in this story. Our school has a great canteen which is partly staffed by parent volunteers, and apparently the kids get very excited and proud if their parent works on canteen. I haven't done it yet, I'm hoping to put it off until both boys are at school. But then Climber asked me:

Climber: When are you going to work at the canteen?
Stomper: I don't know darling. Why? Would you like me to?
Climber: Yeah.

Oh, I think. He wants me at the canteen so he can feel proud and special. Then:

Climber: Then you can make lots of money.
Stomper: Err...for the school?
Climber: No. For us. You could make lots of dollars by selling all that stuff.
Stomper : *explain, explain, yada yada, school needs money to buy more food to sell at canteen and extra to help run the school etc etc*

Climber: Oh. *thinks* Well. You could just slip a dollar into your pocket when no-one was looking...

*Looks a bit embarrassed. Decides to about-face on previous suggestion*

Climber: You wouldn't do that.
Stomper: No.


Guess what? I went the hack on Cherub's hair. Look.

Photos of the Shorn Sheep next time. Don't worry, nothing too drastic.


And now, for some knitting content.

*Do not adjust your reception.*

*There really is going to be Knitting Content on This Blog.*

So there's a sentence I thought I'd never write. That's the sort of the thing you read on all those Crafty Blogs where clever people make gorgeous things and non-crafters like me look on longingly like orphans outside a sweetshop. But I had another knitting lesson with Craftymum and this week I learned purl (again with the words I thought would never cross this blog) so behold my stocking stitch people.



  1. My girl child wants to be a chocolate sculptor when she grows up. A lucrative career, I'm sure.

    You are MUCH BETTER with the knitting than I am. I'm a complete moron with it and can't do two rows without everything getting twisted somehow.

  2. So much in one post... Climber is lovely! Will Cherub still be Cherub without his curls? And yeah you on the knitting. I knit... very sporadically, currently working on the never-ending sleeves for a sweater, must they be soooo long?

  3. Will a shorn Cherub be upgraded to Seraph?


    P.S. For a moment there, I thought you would be knitting with Cherub's locks.

  4. This kid will go FAR!

    Your knit pic reminded me of the "masterpieces" I created under the satanic tutelage of a certain Sr. Mary Collins when I was about 10 .... An orange sock sticks in my memory as an outstanding example of what not to put a 10 year old child through! Turning toes, turning heels, cast off here, cast off there. The finished product was NOT a pretty sight!

    Maybe you should teach your son to knit? He might be the next Kaffe Fassett?

  5. Quick, quick~we want to see the shorn sheep! Does this mean he'll lose all his superpowers??
    A shopkeeper might be able to make your retirement very comfortable----think Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus.....don't discourage the boy!

  6. That is some impressive knitting there!
    Your boys are hilarious :) Who doesn't need an extra dollar from time to time?

  7. Very impressive knitting. A little knitting creeping into a blog here and there is perfectly acceptable.

  8. when Heath was asked the same question lately, his answer was "I want to be a boy without diabetes" - and yes, tears sprang up immediately. Fortunately, his answer to a question like that is mostly something like a fireman or a plumber or motor mechanic, which isn't so heart wrenching.

  9. That stocking stitch is the best! The even tension, the stitch definition...

  10. Stomper KNITS!! Gott und Himmel.

    And I thought my heart was going to stop when I saw the Cherub's hair.

    And I thought the Climber's Merchant Aspirations very touching.

    Well. NOW I'm awake.

  11. Is that knitting the beginning of a leg warmer - I REALLY hope that it is!

    Your boy thinks that every cent handed to the shop keeper becomes their own money - you need to explain the tax system to him!!!

    Cherub's curls even look beautiful off his head

  12. Depending on what Climber plans on doing with that dollar...you might have a Robin Hood on your hands. He's definately thinking. Looking forward to seeing little Cherub. Okay, love the color of whatever it is you're knitting. My grandmother taught me to knit years ago. I found it relaxing but I was like 10 so that wasn't my goal. But keep up the knit posts and you might just inspire me to learn what the heck a perl is.

  13. You've got much further than me - my wool and instruction book are still sitting on the side table where they have sat for about two months now!

    I too love that colour.

    And the Climber - he's such a keeper isn't he? A focus on money handling and all; which needn't stop at a shop. Could we one day see Climber Bank?

  14. And when will we see the pic of the shorn sheep?

    When we cut the curls off Chickie, he changed from a baby to a boy instantly. Had to be done but I was sad about it anyway.

  15. Oh god I'm scared to see the cherub without his golden curls.

    Yay for the knitting. Perhaps I can tapdance?

  16. Hey look! I commented at your blog without it killing my computer!


  17. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but the computer was having a very off day.
    Your Climber is such a handsome lad.
    Cant wait to see Cherub- looks like a lot of curls on that paper! Your knitting looks very even for a beginner!

  18. Is that Lilac and purple I see! What a creative family. Maybe we're linked.

  19. Well, he's right. People need food. So he's got economics down pat! Demand = constant supply of income. Clever boy.

    His suggestion to slip away a dollar was FANTASTIC. I've been laughing long time!

  20. Nice knitting, very neat!

    As for the shopkeeper, just remember, Gerry Harvey (of Harvey Norman fame) would have been considered "just a shopkeeper" once. Wouldn't mind his money now!

    Or Bing Lee.

    Or Kevin Mart (K Mart for short)


  21. Awwww. So people can have food. What a sweetie.

    I hear you on the 'we want him to be fabulously successful in something lucrative so he can support us in our old age' type thoughts, though. heh heh

  22. Oh let Climber be a shopkeeper - as long as he owns the shop, he could be fantastically well off! A small supermarket or something could be just the ticket...

  23. Aww - I think wanting to feed the world is awesome ( and if you can pocket a dollar while doing so ? .. well, good on ya ;)


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