Monday, May 14, 2007


LOOK!! I'm learning to knit!! Next-door-Mum is teaching me. Why? I hear you ask... Well, I think I've either caught some kind of internet knitting envy virus from too much blogging OR I'm taking this getting old thing way too seriously...

Here are my Mother's Day gifts : (L-R) Flowers from Fixit, handmade lavender bag from the Metanical Gardens excursion, vase and butterfly beaded pen (can't have too many of those!) from the Mother's Day stall at school, and hand-made bag whipped up by Nell and hand-painted under her expert supervision by the boys. Couldn't ask for more. The bag is officially My New Handbag and knocks the flinders off Louis Vuitton.

Got tagged by Soozadoo and now I have to tell you 6-8 random things about myself. So here's 7.
  1. I hardly wear any make-up. Not because I'm naturally gorgeous either. Just because I prefer the look and feel of real skin. BUT!! I always wear mascara. Mother Nature was not kind to me in the eyelash department. She was generous to my children though.
  2. I am an impatient person. I will finish your sentences for you. If I feel your story is going on too long or including too many unnecessary details my legs will start jiggling. This does not stop me from telling a really long story with lots of unnecessary details, mind. Strangely, I am marvellously patient with my tap students. This is true, I'm not pulling your leg. It gets remarked upon quite a lot. I think the secret there is that I just want and am in a position to help. Poor Fixit and my immediate family would be amazed probably. Actually, I am also (I think) astonishingly patient with my own children, and seriously if anyone is going to try your patience it's your kids, don't you think? So there you go. If you are Climber or Cherub or one of my tap students, you'll be okay. Everyone else needs to be succinct and Get On With It!
  3. I am not above being petty. I keep myself pretty nice on this blog, but I do think mean, petty things. For example. My second favourite moment of the Tap Show I went to last year was not inspired by watching the wonderful dancing (to be honest, there wasn't a lot of wonderful tapping in this show) but was inspired by mean-spirited joy when a person who I know and dislike did her solo in a line of other soloists and she was the only one NOT to get a whoop or applause (because she is technically excellent, but boring to watch). I try to rise above myself but often I fail.
  4. I have a tattoo of my cat (RIP) on my lower back. This gives me undeserved kudos with the bogan rednecks at Fixit's work and occasionally leads to the untattooed Fixit being rubbished for being a wuss by comparison.
  5. I like to have a theory about things. My theory this week is about Myspace. I think it's blogging for the pathologically vain (I've got 165 friends! - including Jennifer Aniston!!) and/or the chronically illiterate/inarticulate. (wat r u up 2 2nyt? lolz mi olds r drivin me mental... )
  6. I have 3 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. I was rehearsing this god-awful play (dropped out rather than go on stage with it though) with someone who appeared in The Secret Life of Us and one of his co-stars was in a play with KB. (So you've all got 4 degrees now)
  7. People assume that because I dance, I will be the one leading the charge to the dancefloor and always grab me when the music starts. But I will only dance to music that makes me groove and I am a little bit fussy about this. You know how everyone loved Blue Monday by New Order and it was the dancefloor hit? I never understood that. I quite like the song, but it didn't make me want to dance.

Edited to say: This meme is free to any good home, but Meggie and Fairlie do you see how I have wrapped it in pretty paper for you and added a gift-TAG?


  1. Your list sounds normal to me. I used to finish peoples' sentances too--very aggravating! And get The Look from the OC. Maybe age has mellowed me.....but I don't do that as much any more. Maybe I'm not in such a hurry these days....As for being petty...aren't we all, sometimes? Makes you less so to admit it...And if one is severely mentally challenged, one definitely needs a myspace account.

    I also prefer the feel of real skin!

  2. I finish people's sentences too, but I'm trying not to! I'm like, HURRY UP, time's a'wasting!

    Love those new Mothers Day gifts, you scored well. It's great that you're so patient with the boys. Admittedly, I'm probably less patietn with my son than with other kids, I have such high expectations!

    Love the rest of the list. (I don't wear makeup either except for lipstick.)

  3. A challenge! Joyce had tagged me for almost the same meme, so they might get combined.
    Lucky mother you are, lovely gifties.

  4. Nice presents, and a good start on the knitting!

  5. I hear you on the blue monday - it goes for like 7 minutes, and who can keep the energy up for that long anyway....?

    Who didnt get an applause - ye olde nuggety one pehaps?

  6. It's OK to feel good about the lack of applause for your nemesis. She was boring! I bitch therefore I am.

    You had to spend plenty of time at myspace if you know how to speak it!

  7. Well, what can I say? I loved Blue Monday! And yes, it still makes me want to dance! The kids love it too.

    I have to confirm that my sis is HOPELESSLY impatient if she thinks you're taking too long telling her anything, and yes, she's guilty of doing the same in reverse.

    She also hates noise, and talking in general, before about 10am in the morning, and can put on the sternest 'stop talking to me' voice /look that puts a school principle to shame! On the same day I think I witnessed Climber and Cherub joyfully bursting into conversation the moment Nell came into the room! Time to loosen up Sis, you're almost 40!

  8. Stompergirl,

    will henceforth known as

    Schadenfreud Girl.

  9. I think these memes are sucking me dry of all of my fascinatingly ramdom things ... but I will give it a go!
    I am also very impatient - VERY. And when someone embarks on a story they have already told you, I can't stand it!

  10. I love petty and small, I live for each petty and small moment. Once one of my customers who I really, really dislike, she puts her feet on my couch AND leaves her dirty spoon on the cushions. She left her coffee card (buy 6 get one free) on the counter so I pocketed it and the next time she came in encouraged her to take apart her whole wallet to look for it hehehehehe! (Sorry was that too long a story?)

    ps Blue Monday is a bit too much like aerobics music for me
    pps after the GNR confession am I still allowed to comment on music??

  11. Thank God another that thinks MySpace is for morons - you said it better. Blogging is for the intellgent and articulate, RU GR8 or wot ?!

    Blue Monday - ditto, not for dancing, yet love, love, love.

    Good gifties !

    I *LOVE* the car pic - that is such a great family pic, I swear.

    Now I want to go do my own ....

  12. Great list.

    And I agree with you about MySpace. Plus, these are the same stupid people who can't figure out why employers decide not to interview and/or hire them after they google them and find these pages...

  13. Oh a gift for me? Really, you shouldn't have. And so beautifully wrapped too.

    I'm up for it. May take me a little time...I like to ponder. Hey - that's one already.


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