Wednesday, May 16, 2007


(I realise this is my third post in 2 days, but it's just a short one.)

Here's my entry in the little "Anonymous" book that is a work in progress attempting to travel the world. It came to me from H&B and Peppermint Patcher.

My page is an anonymous dance routine, conjured up via shadowy images of dancers, obscured by scattered dance instructions.

Then I sent it on to Arty Nell. Here's her page.

She's good, isn't she? Nell has sent it on to her arty mother in New South Wales. Who knows where it will travel after that.

Also. Still in the anonymous vein, kinda...

I just wanted you all to meet my neighbour and knitting instructor! Sometimes referred to here as Next-door-Mum. Please feel free to pop over the fence and introduce yourself. She may even let you borrow a cup of sugar.

This is her new blog : Craftymum


  1. I wish I had a crafty knitting mum next door. All I've got is the uber OZ Danny with his flagpole and lush lawn, who is nice, but I feel his disappointed judgement of my crappy crunchy weedy brown lawn.

    My imaginary knitting crafty neighbour, she would be cool with my less than quality garden and together we would mock the uber OZ Dan.

    Actually Dan is really sweet, so I feel slightly bad about the whole mocking thing.

  2. That's two imaginative and creative anonymous pages! The book must be *tiny* (or you have giant thumbs?)

  3. Glad you walked in off the ledge.


  4. Sorry I missed your wobbly. Glad it's all over. Wish I could say the same, with confidence, for my son-in-law. He had a panic attack at turning 27... . Yup, me too.

  5. Just catching up on some blog reading and sorry to hear you had such a rubbish day. Glad you're over it and are feeling better. If it makes you feel any better, being 40 is FANTASTIC!

  6. Missed all the commotion since the computer here decided to stage a "go slow'. Make that a "go v-e-r-y slow". Glad you've recovered your equilibrium! I'm sure your b'day bash will be a smash! Singing and dancing, and wining and dining, and jokes and laughter....makes me want to be there. Relax and enjoy yourself!

    Nice to have such a crafty, fun neighbour....

  7. Love the book idea. So good to hear you're feeling better. I visited knitty neighbor. Gorgeous kiddos!

  8. I like it! I had to scroll down to see you cracking it, then I realised I had gone past it. Surely that doesn't count? You can do better!

  9. 5 months on...

    Do we know where it is, or is it lost in the wash ? :(


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