Thursday, March 06, 2008


A blog-meet with a difference this week - a blog-visitor from overseas! A group of us met in a cafe in Federation Square and enjoyed a very pleasant brunch.

Seeing as it was Pea Soup organising there was an invitation to bring our knitting. So I did. Which felt pretty cheeky given my novice status; mixing it with clever knitters like this and this and this and this. Anyway I managed a few rows on my purple fluffy hat, and admired the far more complex work of the experts.

It was lovely to meet everyone - the chat was lively and the kids were cute. I had a rare indulgence - pancakes for brunch - and Sueeeus and I chuckled over an unexpected cultural difference : the serving of ice-cream with pancakes. We do it, Americans don't. Sueeeus is off now to meet some Sydney bloggers I asked her to kiss them on the cheek from me.

No photos taken as far as I know which is why I gave you my boys in a box instead. (Climber did ask me how to spell Bertie properly but clearly vagued out halfway through the process.)

Shula and I will be catching up Friday morning ...


  1. There are some handsome young men! In a few years you'll have to beat off the young women with clubs.

    I'm glad you had a nice blog brunch!

  2. Your morning sounds lovely!
    Pancakes and icecream is a fantastic combination. I can't believe the Americans don't do it, given their more is more food ethos.

  3. I am working out an itinerary for the mountains visit tomorrow.

    That is such a lie. Sueees is going to get the bluemountainsmary wing and a prayer tour.

  4. So so sorry to have missed it. I really need some knitting pointers!
    Looks like Cherub's hair has grown back with a vengeance.

  5. Ice cream with pancakes?! I think we Americans should adopt this practice. I LOVE pancakes. Especially blueberry ones. What a lovely day, meeting up. And what lovely boys you have there.

  6. It was really lovely to meet you on Tuesday. I wondered what your purple fluffy thing was going to be, but somehow didn't get the chance to ask. So now I know.

    More socks have to be knitted. The yarn arrived from the UK a couple of days ago. I still have the purple jumper to finish. Ohhhh pressure...

  7. She mentioned the ice cream thing the minute we got in the car and I said What? You don't do that? Clearly I missed that part of the discussion over brunch.

    Thanks for coming, it was lovely to have such a good turnout.

  8. It seems you have all been having such fun with Sueees.
    Your boys are so handsome!!

  9. I'd pay $1.50 for a ticket. Is it a raffle? Will I get to win those two gorgeous creatures? And the cat too? I'd take that as well...

    Glad you had a nice pancake brunch with Sueees. It's a wonder they don't do that in US, it is perfect, and with a bit of Maple Syrup poured over to finish it off, yum!

  10. same as what stacey the cats box

  11. I'd pay $1.50 too - what a bargain !

    Sorry I missed the meet - if only i'd had another week under my belt...

    As for pancakes, I don't like them with icecream as I prefer my pancakes hot, and preferrably savoury :p

  12. A pancake without ice-cream is just a big pikelet!!

  13. Could children be any more beautiful? Look at those eyes!

    It was great to meet you!!

    I forgot to kiss the Sydney bloggers for you. I am such a scatterbrain! SORRY!!


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