Thursday, March 20, 2008

Climber-cchino the second

Nell's handmade Arlecchino costume had its second airing at the Carnevale parade at school this morning.

If you look closely at Climber's feet you might see he is wearing his tap shoes. This is because when they were sending out all the newsletter stuff about dressing up for Carnevale they mentioned that there would also be a lunchtime 'open-stage' performance. Which gave me the bright idea of asking Climber and an older boy from his school - who is also one of my tap students - if they wanted to put together a little tap-dance for it. The two of them are pretty good when they work together in my classes and they seemed keen. So they signed up, and we worked out and rehearsed a short routine. This morning when we spoke to the Italian teacher she said the lunchtime thing was cancelled due to lack of takers so instead the interested performers would do their stuff at the morning parade. Then the older boy who'd been progressively more skittery about the whole thing (yes, no, I will, I won't) said he wasn't going to do it and wouldn't put his tap shoes on. He was convinced his friends would laugh at him if he did it - he has a much higher level of peer awareness than my Climber-bunny. He hadn't even dressed up for the parade, such was his anxiety about public embarrassment.

So I went out with Climber instead. (And just for the record I was NOT a Razzle-Dazzle Mum about it. In case you were wondering. I was Moral Support Mum. Swear.)

Anyway, you should have heard the cheers and clapping for Climber when we finished. Awesome.


  1. Good on you! And good on Climber!

    I'm sure you weren't the slightest bit stage-mum. And I bet afterwards, the older boy was wishing he'd got up there too.

    ('ve reminded me I've got LOTE/LATE Day to look forward to...)

  2. Go Climber!! The world loves spunk! You'll go far.

  3. I must go back and re-read the post about this outfit, because I loved it so much the first time we saw it...

  4. I remember the outfit too - glad it got a 2nd wearing :)

    I'm pretty impressed with Climber - I would have been the peer-group kid, then kicking him(her)self after nobody laughed and everybody clapped ... and wishing I had the conviction of Climber.

    And tapping with his mum.

    ( Did Red Symonds clap ? Did Vince ? :p )

  5. He is a boy who thinks for himself, he doesn't need peer approval!!

  6. The best kind of peer awareness is when you are aware your peers are sniveling imbeciles.


    P.S. Excellent for climber.

  7. Go Climber and Mum. Bet the older kid wishes he'd been a little more brave. Love a hand-made costume. They are always nicer than pre-made. So Go Nell!

  8. Yes, I'd have been the shy clingy one too, but good for those boys. You've brought them up confident.

    Catching up here - share your anxiety about loved ones travelling, but glad all returned safely. My boy's much further away than that, though!

  9. I love the idea of a Carnevale day. Our Easter Parade went well but a lot of people were confused about what to wear. Carnevale gives you so much more scope.

  10. Hooray for Climber! He followed through on what he said he was going to do - he'll go far with that attitude.


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