Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Harmony Day

Friendship is the only cure for hatred, the only guarantee of peace. (Buddha)
Harmony Day is really meant to be celebrated on March 21st, but this year there was a clash with Good Friday. We are celebrating our diverse culture, and promoting friendship and understanding. Partly by wearing orange clothing. But you know, mostly through education and attitude.

* * *

Do you like the topknot in Cherub's hair? We took him swimming last week and every time he showed us how he could put his head under the water in the deep end (big progress from his alleged dunce-hood) he would then immediately clamber out of the water to sit on the edge of the pool. The first nine times he did it, we just thought it was cute. Then Fixit thought to ask why. It was so he could get his hair out of his eyes. Can you just hear his grandmothers chorusing that I should at least cut the poor kid a fringe?


  1. I know I heard choruses of "Get that boy a boy haircut!" when my boys were little and I was loathe to cut their beautiful curls! Cherub's topknot is cute and practical...did he stay in the water then?

  2. He did! But I had to threaten him with No Swimming unless he wore the topknot, and he insisted I take it out the minute his lesson finished.

  3. You've reminded me that our school is not doing the Harmony Day thing this year. I guess the Principal realised that after asking K-2 parents to dress their kids as rabbits, chickens or easter eggs for Thursday that she'd be lynched if she asked them to wear orange as well!

  4. I used to get the "cut that boy's hair"rants too (not from MY parents;) )
    don't do it!!!! You will regret it!

  5. That topknot works for me.

    In fact Cherub and Margot could be twins!

    Now there is a cute thought.

  6. I've taught swimming, and I have to agree - hair in the eyes is a major impediment to learning! The topknot gets a big thumbs up from me.

  7. Harmony Day .... what a great idea. Especially considering the current Tibetan troubles ... could be a good way to show solidarity.

    Very cute photo of your boys!

  8. When I saw the photo I wondered who was Climber's pretty little girl friend. Glad it got explained!

  9. Better you cutting his hair than, say, his brother.


  10. My boy's favourite colour is Orange, so odds are, he'll be harmonious most days.

    Cute piccie.
    Now I feel all guilted as I really NEED to organise some swimming lessons for the boy....

  11. If you cut his hair again, I'll... I'll.... protest strongly! He's gorgeous, your long-haired boy. The top-knot is the perfect solution.


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