Monday, March 10, 2008

A good time was had by all.

The boys are back home, safe and sound. (Even including Fixit who, as if I hadn't worried enough this weekend, decided to take himself for a big motorbike ride this morning. But he made it back from that without running foul of any semi-trailers or stupid motorists.) It's nice to have them all back. And it was just lovely getting the fervent hugs from the boys as they ran in the back door. We missed each other.

I had a super time on my own. Hee!

On Saturday after they left I sprawled on the bed and caught up with the newspaper. I blogged. Then I jumped on Fixit's pushbike - he'd thoughtfully adjusted the seat for me before he left - and cycled gently to the video store to hire the dvd of Little Miss Sunshine. Which I LOVED. Go see it if you haven't. When that gorgeous awkward teenage boy had his melt-down, oh my!!!

I made my own dinner and didn't have to nag anyone about coming to the table now or cajole anyone into taking another mouthful of it. I just enjoyed my spaghetti with fresh pesto, and washed it down with red wine, followed by a cup of tea and some illicitly early mini-Easter Eggs. Shhh. Bertie was a pleasant kittenish companion, pouncing and purring by turns.

When I went to bed I read my book without interruption. I turned out the light when I had had enough and not because anyone else was complaining about the light being on. A bit before midnight, perhaps.

I slept without waking till 9.30 am the next morning. Oh yes.

Cup of tea in bed with the Sunday paper. Some computer time, some laundry. Got all my winter woollens clean and ready for winter - which I guess will be not too long after the heatwave we'll be having this week.

Then, some girly indulgence. An hour or two in the bathroom, washing my hair, fixing up the brows and lashes, singing along to the iPod.

A leetle bit of housework; dishes, sweeping. Thought about mopping, but decided to leave it.

Jumped on Fixit's bike once more and cycled to the local cinema where I saw Juno whilst sipping coffee. LOVED Juno. Laughed, cried. Cried a bucket, actually. Childbirth scenes, you know? So emotional.

Cycled home, feeling great. A few more dishes and just when I was wondering if I did have time to mop, the car pulled up and my boys were calling out for me.

Apparently they had a great time too.

Fixit's idea of unpacking was to bring everything in from the car and dump it on the clear, swept floor. I'll get that, shall I? Climber was complaining long and loud about his trillion mosquito bites and Cherub was inclined to be generally sooky. But it was so good to see them again!


  1. You had a taste of the child free weekend I get every two weeks. I love my weekends with the boys.... but by gum! I love the weekends withoiut them too.

    Glad you wallowed in your own company and inclinations. It's nice, isn't it?

  2. Ah, the childfree weekend! My recent one is but a sweet memory.
    Glad to hear you had such a lovely time and didn't worry..... to much.
    Very pleased to read that you didn't wash the floor!!

  3. You saw two of my favourite movies over the past year or two!!

    Glad you had an awesome weekend alone. The boys clearly did, too, but there's nothing better than the reunion, is there?


  4. I've never seen a movie by myself because I like company. I really want to see Juno, so maybe I should change that self imposed rule.

    I'm glad the housework to girly time ratio well-balanced. Little housework and lots of girly time!

  5. Wow - you certainly pack it in.

    I'd probably just mooch around the house and read. nah. Actually, i'd probably go *shopping* and *browsing* and *daydreaming*.

    I never, ever want to 'go to the movies'. From what I gather, i'm weird like that...

    Glad you didn't get around to mopping. Gak. Even though that's what I did today. Gak.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend, but good to have everyone back safe and sound.

  7. Love love love the sound of your weekend.

    You did good SG. And that sleep sounds amazing.

    And I loved Juno too.

  8. you feel refreshed?


  9. That last picture is gorgeous.

    What a nice time!

  10. I wen to see Juno on my own at the cinema too - it's just not the husband's type of film and I wnated to see itm, so it was my half-term treat to myself. I LOOOOVE going to the cinema alone every now and again, and I thought Juno was the best film I've seen in ages.

  11. Oh God it's wonderful to have time to yourself.
    Although I haven't had that for quite some time. I sort of worry about getting out of the habit of always being busy ... you know, if you just keep going it's often better than stopping and then having to start up again. But, I think I could take the chance ;)
    Glad you had a nice time - yes, loved both of those movies.

  12. Yay, you put girly stuff and movies over washing the floor. I definitely approve.

    Cute little things though, aren't they?!

  13. I want one of those weekends! Sounds perfect. (except the housework bit - glad you drew the line at mopping.)

  14. Isn't it the best, to see your boys again! I'm still hugging mine as much as he'll let me.

    I saw Juno on the flight home, and laughed and cried too. Totally. Great film!!

  15. What. And not one teeny little fatality?

    Well, how bout that.

  16. Could you see the green ooze of jealousy coming from me up to your doorstep?????


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