Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fixit's first day

The last day of Mister Fixit's motorcycle-mechanic-career was Friday, and his stupid (ex) work mates are so lame and useless that not only was there no present, there was not even a card. It gets worse. When they went out for his farewell drinks that night Fixit had to pay for his own bloody dinner. Ten fucking years he worked there. Fixit hadn't really noticed until I started carrying on about it, but don't worry, he's as pissed off as I am now.

But onwards and upwards.

He must have passed his medical, although we never heard any more about it. He definitely passed the aptitude test. Did quite well apparently. He told me about it afterwards, the first half was all if x closes at 3pm and y doesn't deliver for 3 days when is the latest you can order parts to receive them by Wednesday? which is, you know, just reading the instructions and working through, I could do that. But the second half was all diagrams of pulleys with different sized round things (technical jargon!!!) and you had to calculate which pulley system would lift faster or whether the lever would turn clockwise or anticlockwise. Which I would completely fail because that sort of stuff makes my brain bleed. Not so Mister Fixit! Just as well he'll be fixing our aircraft and not me.

Anyway, he fronted up to his First Day At His New Work promptly at 7.30am and rang me 15 minutes later saying the guy that hired him wasn't arriving till 8am. A bit later an sms informed me that next week he'll start a 5-week block of schooling! My next message from him was his appraisal of the staff canteen; not complimentary, I'm afraid, as it's the sort of servery that favours fried dim sims and pie'n'chips. And then at 11.30am he was home. The hiring guy had 3 meetings that day and no-one else to look after Fixit, so he sent him home, with the assurance that he'd still be paid for the full day. Which was all good. Except Fixit is very keen to sink his teeth into the new job.

So we went out for lunch.

Later we picked up The Climber from school. We'd got half way back to the car before Climber really took in the abnormality of Fixit's presence, then the penny dropped and he asked How was your first day? Closely followed by Why are you home so early? and Have you been sacked?


  1. Really? No card, no nothing? That sucks. Sounds like he's better off out of there.
    Good luck to Fixit with the new job. Perhaps he'd better start taking packed lunches. Not that there's anything wrong with eating dimmies every day - I could go with that.

  2. That is an awesome first day. I once scheduled a new girl's first few days of induction meetings (no idea why I was doing it, but anyway) and she actually rang me and asked if she had to come in on a public holiday like I'd scheduled. Oops.

  3. Men! They're not very thoughtful sometimes. That sounds like a great first day. Home by 11:30 a.m.!! That Climber is brilliant. I agree with Stacey: pack a lunch Fixit.

  4. My translation of your husband's last day: he worked with a bunch of men.

    Glad he and your sons are home well and safe, and he's off to a new career!

  5. HURRAH for Fixit!

    Done with the bad,
    STARTING with the good!

  6. I like Tanya's comment. Definitely a Man Workplace thing.

    Now I forget what I was going to say...

  7. Strong vote of confidence there from young Climber..."Have you been sacked?"

    You'd think they could have at least organised a card. Men.

  8. Where would our men be if we weren't there to point out the injustices they face? They're just too dim to notice these things, poor luvs (though I suspect, a lot happier for it!)
    That's my idea of a good first day on the job too.

  9. Laughing at Climber's questions.

    About the farewell dinner: Yep, what Tanya said. Still, pretty poor effort.

  10. Gee...10 years and no card. Cripes. How did he last the full 10 years with social mis-fits like that? As Sussanah would say..."come the revolution..." (followed by expletive, expletive).

    Whenever Firegazer comes home early I've trained the kids to ask "did you get a pink slip?" (union talk for being fired).

  11. That kind of treatment from the ex workmates is EXACTLY the sort of thing I sulk about. Well i am not a sulker but it infuriates me.

    So even though it was kind of a weird first day for Mr F. I agree that it must surely be better than the former place of employment.

  12. Card?

    We're supposed to have a card?


    The dinner/drinks thing is what stuck in my mind. The card thing is nothing, but making a guy pay his way on his last day (a rhyme, yay) is passé. (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

    Seriously, the card thing is meaningless, but the dinner is a blood insult.

    I suggest he do something terrible to all their pets with a fork.


  13. Go Fixit!! Success truly is the best revenge and those tossers clearly don't deserve you. Where was the Boss and why the hell wasn't he paying??

  14. *snort* at 'have you been sacked?'.

    Ahh, kids. Always there to make sure we don't soar too high ...

    As for 10yrs and paying for your own dinner - that is so crap.

    The only way is up ! ( bay-bee )

  15. The men who worked with him probably figure that he got paid for being there and that should be enough.

    Hope his second day is a long one and that he gets to have a go at some real pulley things, not just ones on paper.

  16. Men are dumb. That is all.

    BTW - new to your blog - hi!

  17. Guess they thought the crap clock said it all.
    Good luck to Fixit for his new career!

  18. Sounds like a great first day - even if the canteen sucks! Is the company nut free? you can make him peanut butter sandwiches! Sorry he can make them - and the boys lunches too of course! Sounds like he will have lots of time to do it.

  19. Brain bleeding is an excellent description of what happens to mine when faced with problems like that.

    Damn, I can't even get the fly-wire door back on.

  20. Have you been sacked? LOL!

    I'm glad he had a good first day - and I'm sure he'll be more appreciated here than in the old job. Sheesh.



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