Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Beach Holiday

Lovely beach holiday, thanks for asking. Thanks to my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins for putting us up so magnificently. And thanks to Nell who sat the cat. The boys had not one...

... but two Easter Egg hunts,

... Climber went out in a canoe,

...Cherub fell passionately in love with my cousin Caitlin and is still periodically telling us that he is missing her. (Climber would have written her a letter by now - and indeed has offered to do so on Cherub's behalf - but Cherub just puts on his sad face and tells us. Again. And. Again.)

Best of all I got to rediscover my inner kid, frolicking - yes, frolicking - in the surf for ages, catching every wave with all the body-surfing skills acquired in my youth and oh my lord it was SO MUCH FUN!! All because my relatives talked me into borrowing a wetsuit. Wetsuits rock!! Especially the winter ones which are even warm enough for snakes like me.

So I found out I wasn't too old to play in the sea, I was only too cold.

(Victorian beaches, just for the record are chilly compared to the New South Welsh beaches I grew up with, and freezing compared to Queensland or Western Australian waters.)

I reluctantly left the water when I noticed the kids had turned blue.


  1. Oh, I would have loved to see the waves!

    I've never been body-surfing, and it sounds like great fun!

  2. I would have loved to have seen a picture of you body surfing. It would have been to chilly for me, too.

    I love how unique your children are. I'm always amazed at how different Abby and J.T. are in their personalities. Hard to believe they came from the same genes.

  3. Lucky you getting a frolic in the sea!
    Looks like your boys had a whale of a time.

  4. Thank you for your pictorial summary of your Easter break! That picture of Cherub and your cousin is so wonderfully cosy.

    Going in the surf IS an antidote to weariness and ageing, isn't it? Something about the water, the childhood memories that come flooding back, the sense of freeedom.... it's so much fun. Glad you got a moment to enjoy it!

  5. Last year I played in the surf for ages (well ages for me - probably about half an hour!) I had not done that for years. And I realised it was because I had had years of anxiously supervising babies near the water. Now that two of them are competent swimmers that anxiety has dramatically decreased.


  6. Wet suit info duly noted! I am also a snake.....Sounds like a blast!

  7. I'm joining you in Team-Too-Cold-to-Play-in-the-Sea! It has to be positively tropical before I'll immerse. I hadn't thought of a wetsuit as a solution before though. Would it be weird for me to wear one in my own pool?

    Sounds like you had a great break!

  8. Why did I never think of trying a wetsuit? Oh yeah. Because I'd look like the MICHELIN MAN, that's why!
    You'll laugh when I tell that it has to be AT LEAST 34 before I will even consider going in the pool (seriously) because otherwise I get too cold. And the water temperature needs to be above 26.

  9. Despite the fact that I used to (for a brief period in my youth) teach Surf Lifesaving* I am a wave wimp. I like to have the assistance of a body board -preferrably a blow-up li-lo style which also acts as a floatation device.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    *I taught at a flat, no-wave beach...

  10. Not even a wetsuit made of a heater could make me go in your freezing cold water. You are a brave girl!

  11. No water numbs your feet like Victorian water. It can be 40 degrees on the sand but still minus 40 in the water.
    Sounds like you had fun. I bet Bertie missed you.

  12. lol! Love your label!! There wouldn't be any pix of me in a wetsuit, either.

    Glad you had fun, it certainly looks like the boys had a blast!


  13. Sounds like fun.

    There is just something so alluring about the ocean.

  14. how much fun does that sound!!!! Glad you had a great time.

  15. oh the surf is so much fun isn't it! I don't have a wetsuit but once I'd got in, it was great.

    Makes me feel all young and giddy again.

  16. Oh any beach would beat the snowy snowy Easter we had in Toronto. Sigh.

  17. Oh Stomper I thing we should go surfing together in the nice warm NSW waters that I am sure you must know so well!!! Boogie Boarding is the best fun ever!

  18. You think Canberra would have toughened you up, but no.

    Love Climber in the Canoe :)


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