Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Notes

Just call me Ms. Virtuous because I cleaned up my house in the middle of the school holidays instead of waiting in ever-growing mess and hatred of said ever-growing mess till the kids weren't around. It looks great, apart from the laundry-basket full of stuff found in the Grown-Ups' Room that belongs in other rooms (mostly the boys' room), and the box of Lego that needs sorting. But both those receptacles are tucked away tidily behind the door. Also, I did the unheard of and mopped my floor twice in one day because we had Mother's Group here this morning. And although I knew having 10 kids here on a rainy day meant it would be madness to mop before they arrived, I just had to do it. Mostly because one of the visitors is still crawling. When they're all upright they can run around on my filthy floor. Until then, I will do the right thing. I just mopped again when they all left, and it didn't kill me.

During my clean up I found a few notes around the house. Climber has been just checking in with Lego..

... making sure he'll remember all the things he'll need when he sets off to Hogwarts next term...

... making assignations with girl students from Hogwarts. (What could it possibly be about? Do you think they're part of a secret club or something?)

... and doing his Potions homework.


  1. WOW, Snap, for so many reasons:
    also cleaned up today (no floor mopping though, I tip my hat to you!), and there was potion-making and spell-casting, and some Lego love. Sooo incredibly sick of HP though.
    Adore that note. It is so damn adorable.

  2. So, Ms Virtuous,(well you did say to call you that!) how does it feel to have such a clean house? I love it when all the planets align and I finally get the entire house clean at once. Tis a rare thing.

    Climber is such a clever and imaginative child, isn't he? You must be so proud of him :)

  3. I'll show you what I have done to my room tomorrow. ! I hate mopping.

  4. I'm going with BMM:

    I love Climber.


  5. I love Climber.

    And WOW, you sort Lego? That's IMPRESSIVE!

    *kicking the GIANT box under something* You mean it doesn't just all go in a tub?

  6. I am beyond envious of Climber's neat handwriting. Blown away, actually.

    Love his preps for Hogwarts :)


  7. My floors got vacuumed in the middle of the school holidays.

    BY THE KIDS!!!!

    (I know. Fantastic isn't it?)

  8. Floor mopping. Twice. I hope your mothers group was impressed. Importantly i hope they believe that that is how your house is all.the.time!

    Love Climber's notes. They're keepers.

  9. I never find anything nearly as interesting as those notes when I clean up!

    You certainly are Ms. Virtuous. Mopping twice? Legendary.

  10. I totally get the mopping twice in one day bit.

    Climber is so cute too :)

  11. Climber always makes me laugh! Love that rat's blud. And the Luna Lovegood letter. And the Hogwarts list. I love it all. What a little doll he is.

    P.S. Don't let him drip rat's blud on your freshly mopped floor!

  12. Climber - now that is one cool dude - if anyone deserves to find platform 9 3/4, he does. I honestly believe that my next teaching appointment will be at Hogwarts, maybe I'll see him there!


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