Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Something has been so horribly wrong with my back over the last couple of weeks that I feel that I've turned overnight into an old person. There's been constant pain and lack of mobility, and it has been so wearing. I actually think my last chiropractic treatment turned the corner for me but now I feel like I have whiplash from that particular session; out of nowhere my third finger knuckles swelled up and my feet began to itch and a muscle ache settled over my whole spine*. I look like I'm wearing an invisible neck-brace because I have to turn my whole body to look sideways. But I think my session tonight will balance all that up and I expect to feel like myself again by Christmas. That's the plan anyway. It can't go on like this. It has been agony to actually sit at the computer for any length of time which is why I have barely visited anyone or updated here. I've had plenty going on despite my back being knackered. I've still had to get the Christmas shopping done, run the household, make the little cookies, attend the family gatherings with my Mum and put on the end-of-year tap concert/party for my small students.

arms up_7338

Fortunately, the whiplash-giving treatment was after the concert so as you can see here I was able to turn my head. And dance and smile.


All the kids were gorgeous, there were no technical stuff-ups (thanks for asking facebookers) and I made way too much fairybread. And I was spoiled with many little presents afterwards. I have the nicest students.

I love my job.

*turns out the joint swelling and itchy feet was parvovirus, the same thing that caused the ultra-red cheeks on Cherub that you can see in the picture there. Also known as slap cheek disease. Adults who contract it can get viral rheumatoid arthritis, much worse than the kids symptoms.


  1. I hope your back is better soon!

    What a happy job you have. :)

  2. Get drunk, stay drunk, you won't even notice your back!

  3. Backs can be a bugger. Hope it repairs soon and you're tip-top (tip-tap).

  4. It's only until things hurt that you realise how much you use them. I really hope that you get better and are able to enjoy Christmas by dancing on the tabletops!!!

  5. Hope the back gets better soon. Try and rest it. It was such an enjoyable concert.

  6. not to mention whooping me at scrabble.

    Where DO you find the time?

  7. Aunty has some good advice there. Also, I've heard people swear by having a chiropractic adjustment. Are they REAL doctors though?

  8. ouch - back pain is sooo bad. I'm feeling for you. I really hope you are back on top for chrissy. If not , cry invalid and get everyone else to do all the work while you sit, somewhere comfy and have things brought to you!

  9. My osteopath has just moved to Victoria leaving me without my regular massage and treatment. I am beginning to realise the feeling of getting old too!

    Boo hoo to both of us...

    Hope you are mobile soon - or at least able to sit at a computer comfortably.

  10. Hope you start to feel better - nothing worse than a bad back.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Ouch, I'm with you on the back-ache! I had a similar situation a month or so ago.....I felt like I was walking sideways like a crab for days and trying to put socks on....

    I hope you're better before Christmas!!

  12. A bad back sucks. I hope you're feeling better really soon. If not, go with Aunty Evil's advice. It works for most things.

  13. yeowch! Hope the back improves. Bad backs = grumpy M.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. I suggest you develop an opium habit.

    In fact, if you find an opium den, you may even be able to lie down and rest.


  15. Where did Tracey's osteo move to ?

    Other than that, probably Jokes' suggested Opium fix might work ?

    AB has a bad back, it doesn't seem nice at all, I hope you're back-on-track soon :(

    Other than that, i'd love my boys to take tap from you - you seem to have the va-va-voom and enthusiasm in all the right places.

    However, if you blogged about them being bratty ? ... or me being one of *those* mothers ... ?
    A virtual minefield I say, a virtual minefield .. ;)

    A Happy Stomping Xmas to you, Fixit, the new couch, and the slap-cheek kids.


  16. I said 'other than that' twice.

    I hate that.


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